To Enhance Levels of your Own Happiness, Joy, Contentment,

 Peace and Bliss.



  • Have you ever asked yourself, " Am I Happy ?"
  • Possibly You and I have not dared to ask ourselves this blunt question,as we dare not face either the answers or the reason or rationale of the possible answers.
  • Ask any of your friends a straight question, " Are you happy?"  you may find him struggling to give a straight answer. The reason is simple. Most of us do not even know whether we are happy or not. 
  • Some of your friends do retort,"Happy with what?"  This means that they are happy with, say a,b,c..., not so happy with "d", not at all happy with "e"  etc.
  • As you enquire further, it becomes clear that those things which brought happiness sometime ago, are no more  resources of happiness , or even the otherway about.
  • However, as you analyse further, it is also "clear that all humanity is engaged ceaselessly, day after day, from the cradle to the grave, only in trying to avoid painful experiences and in trying to attain that which gives them happiness."
  • http://www.saigan.com/heritage/gods/art3.html
  • It makes sense, therefore, to look inward and decide what you crave for to achieve the nature  of happiness you need.  Amidst the complexities of the ever-changing politico-socio-economic scenerio, one hardly is able to decide on one single factor.
  • "Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities." Aldous Huxley said.
  • Our Own Activities and how we prioritize them decides whether we shall be happy or otherwise.
  • So sit down and fix priorities first. Reflect on what you want.
  • And having decided, what you want,
  • Set Your Goals FIRST                                                                                                      

  • And enough strategies to achieve the goal
  • And find out the resources you have
  • and the resources you can get.
  • Put up an honest effort.
  • Measure your Levels of Achievments periodically.
  • Adopt Course Corrections.
  • In short CHANGE GEARS.
  • Enjoy your Achievement.



One may rubbish this as another lesson on management but this is so.

 For you to be happy you will have to plan for it.

 It could be physical or metaphysical, spiritual or mundane. If you are not having enough clarity on what you want, you fall wayside at cross roads.

So decide now, today, this moment.

Wish you Good luck and Godspeed.


It is just believing in yourself. Try for a while.

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