Trauma ICU July 2018

Trauma ICU, UT Hospital, July 2018

Tom, a homeless man I helped some before Christmas, fell at the UT Emergency Room and suffered hemorrhages in his brain. It required 3 brain surgeries and the removal of part of his skull. His cousin, who lives an hour away, called me and asked me to check on him the days she would not be able to come to visit.

One day in the Trauma ICU family lounge, I talked with Brittany, a young woman under the age of 20. She had a cast on one foot and ankle and asphalt burns over a large percentage of her body. She probably would have been in a hospital room herself had her sister Makayla not been in the Trauma ICU. She told me they were in a serious car accident and Makayla had gotten the brunt of it.

I briefly told her my healing testimony and asked if she’d like for me to pray for them.  From the look on her face I sensed that she would be embarrassed for me to pray out loud. So I acknowledged that and told her I’d go to my seat and pray silently. She smiled. After praying I went back to the corner where Brittany lay in a reclining chair. I put my thumbs up on each fist and said “You’re good to go!” She smiled.

The staff would take Brittany in to see her sister periodically. The next day I passed Brittany in the hall as they were taking her in a wheelchair to see Makayla. She beamed when she saw me and exclaimed “They took Makayla off life support! She’s getting a little oxygen, but they said she doesn’t really need it!” 

When I came the next day I went to the lounge first to talk with Brittany. But she wasn’t there. A couple of women were standing near Brittany’s corner. One asked me if I were looking for Brittany. 

I said “Yes” and she told me they had put her sister out in a regular room. She continued to say that Brittany told her a woman came inside the lounge and prayed for her sister a couple of days before.

I told her “That was me,” but before I could give proper credit, she said “It was Jesus!” 

When I went inside the ICU to visit my friend, I asked one of the nurses if Makayla was a “miracle.” She said YES!

Ruth Ann,
Oct 18, 2018, 7:08 AM