Healing of Hearing and Lung Mass


Dec 20, 2017

I planned to drive to Charlotte on December 21 to spend Christmas with my 2 children and their families. I’d had dull chest pain and weakness the entire week preceding. Because of my heart disease and quadruple bypass surgery in 2009, my doctors want me to go to the ER any time I have chest pains or other symptoms of a heart attack.

Earlier in 2017 my son had taken me to a hospital in Chicago with symptoms of vomiting, weakness, and chest pain and, because of my health history, they kept me two nights. I wouldn’t go to the ER this time because I didn’t want to risk missing Christmas. Poor logic, but real nonetheless. 

About 3 am on Dec 20, I got up to go to the bathroom and the Holy Spirit told me to turn on Daystar TV. The program was almost over. The hosts were interviewing Todd White. Todd is a Caucasian guy with dreadlocks to his waist. Weird looking dude. They showed videos of him at the Temple Mount healing and witnessing to Jews and Muslims alike. One of the Jewish guards was killed in a skirmish a couple of days later. They also showed him breaking into a group of angry Muslims protesting something. He went up to the man with the megaphone and talked him into letting him borrow it for a few minutes. Then they show the entire crowd chanting “Jesus! Jesus!” over and over again. Todd definitely has an anointing.

He’s visited Billy Graham in his home. Some think he is one of the evangelists who have Dr. Graham’s mantle of anointing. All I know is he preaches like “Billy Graham on steroids!” Todd’s ministry websites are and

At the end of the program on Dec 20 the hosts asked Todd to pray for the prayer requests that had been submitted during the program. Todd urged those watching at home to pray with him for healing. I thought a second or two. Which one do I choose? Diabetes? Heart disease? It became clear—hearing! My family, especially the grandchildren, got so frustrated and impatient when I had them to repeat something over and over.

So I prayed with him. It wasn’t even live! It was a rerun from the night before. He prayed for many infirmities. When he prayed for hearing I felt tingling down both of my arms but didn’t think anything about it. I just went back to bed. I live alone, so I didn’t test my hearing. I was so obsessed with the dull chest pain!

Later that day I ran several errands. I’d also delivered Christmas presents to local friends. At the last house I visited, the chest pain turned into a stabbing pain on the right side of my chest. My friend could see the look on my face every time I got a sharp pain. Her husband had Alzheimer’s so she couldn’t leave him. But she said if I didn’t go to the ER myself, she would call her daughter to take me.

By the time I got to the ER I was convinced I was dying. I was never scared all of the other times I’d been to the ER with chest pains since 2009. I felt safe there. But this pain was intense.

I told “Elizabeth,” “This the big one!” The EKG matched the previous ones in my record. They sent me to the lobby to wait.  Next they did an X-ray and brought me back to the lobby. I texted my daughter-in-law to tell her where I was and that I might have to FedEx the gifts. She told me not to worry about the gifts. Then I texted a friend and asked her to call a young guy CJ in Charlotte who’d asked me to bring him a homemade cheesecake to give to his girlfriend. He jokingly said he thought she’d marry him if he gave her a cheesecake. I seemed to worry more about CJ than not being with my family. More twisted logic.

Then I remembered keeping my Mom alive by quoting the 23rd Psalm over and over once when the doctors said she wouldn’t make it through the night. She lived a year or so after that. So I tried repeating that psalm. Then I thought “Maybe I should pray some of the things I heard Todd White say.” I did, and immediately the pain stopped! When they put me in a room, I told the nurse my pain was gone. She tried to placate me with an insincere “Yes. Sometimes prayer helps.”

At the end of the long room there was a small tv mounted on the wall, but there was no closed captioning. I couldn’t hear it. I got my hearing aids out of my purse, but that didn’t help. So I changed the batteries. This time I noted that I could hear the noises around me better without the hearing aids.

The ER doctor released me at midnight, saying all the tests showed I didn’t have a heart attack, but I should follow up with my doctor in a week or so. The next morning at 9 am I left for Charlotte.

When my son first saw me he said “Mom! Did you have surgery on your ears?” I reluctantly told him what happened, but he’s a Christ follower so he believed me.

On Monday after I returned to Knoxville from Christmas break, my PCP’s nurse called and said “Your doctor wants you in here as soon as possible!” I said “But I didn’t have a heart attack.” He said my doctor had some reason for urgency.

I went the next day. The doctor showed me that his report said I had an unknown mass in my right lung. The mass was on the side of my intense stabbing pain. The hospital staff conjectured that it might be pneumonia. But I hadn’t even had a cold in a long time. My X-ray was not mentioned anywhere in the notes the ER department gave to me.

My doctor said, “You know I’ll have to do another X-ray.” There was no mass anywhere in my lung. He asked me if I were disappointed that he couldn’t tell me what the mass was. I told him, “Well, look at it this way. I didn’t have a heart attack! I don’t have pneumonia! There’s no mass in my lung. And now I can hear! What else do I need to know?” He smiled in agreement.


Ruth Ann,
Oct 18, 2018, 7:32 AM