PeekAround for Symbian
Tracking your nearby movements via smartphone! 

PeekAround finds what people are talking around your geo-location. It is funny to know where they are on the map. You may follow them if you like.

Peek Around uses Twitter as information source to plot public messages on map by using its bundled geo-location.

Configuration guide

Before using PeekAround, please follow these steps below.

  1. You need a Twitter account. Please sign up if you don't have on.
  2. On first startup, it will show Inactive Screen because there is no authorized Twitter account.
  3. Please go to Options (button on bottom right), then click on 'Connect to Twitter' button. It will navigate you through authorization procedures until you get PIN code. Please confirm by clicking on check button (✓) to finalize authorization. Peek Around app will notify you to once your account is authorized.

Map and people
  1. On first page, you will find a map locate at your geo-location. And the other people who tweet are around or near you.
  2. On title panel, you will see 3 buttons.
    • Toggle GPS button - turn on/off GPS on your device. Peek Around will use last known position if you turn GPS off.  While GPS is on, your device will find location from GPS service. 
    • GPS button will indicate in green  once it get valid location. You may turn it off.
    • Refresh button -  refresh map with latest public tweets, your mentions and your direct messages. Normally, it will automatically refresh according to refresh interval in options page.
    • Home button - go back to your location.
  3. Under title panel, you will see sliding panel which shows latest mentions, direct messages and messages from friends, you followed.
  4. You can touch on the image then it will show popup panel. You can read the message.
  5. For your friends, you can open picture, direct message, reply, re-tweet. 
  6. For other people (which you haven't followed yet), you can open picture, direct message or follow only.
  7. On bottom panel, you will see status update button (tweet button), zoom buttons and level and options button.

View integrated timeline and update your status (Twitter, Facebook)
  1. You can view timeline by clicking on button with clock icon.
  2. Timeline can be switched to show horizontally or vertically.
  3. You can update your status by clicking on status update button (button with balloon text icon) on bottom right. It will show status panel.
  4. A status can be up to 140 characters. Number on center of panel shows available characters.
  5. GPS toggle button can be used to opt-in or opt-out to send your location with your status. White GPS icon means include geo-location.
  6. Twitter and Facebook button can be used to opt in or out to send your status.
  7. If you choose to update Facebook status with location, please also choose your place from list.
  8. Once you've done inputing your status, just click send button (button with balloon text icon). It will send immediately.
  9. If you have registered Facebook account, you may checkin at nearby location with checkin button (button with map and location mark).

Settings page

On settings page, you can customize your options.
  • Personalization - personalize your settings as you like.
    • Popup interval - popup panel interval can be 1-10 seconds. 
    • Refresh interval - refresh interval can be 1-10 minutes. (Your Twitter account may be locked up if you refresh more than 100 times per hour)
    • Feed refresh interval - refresh feed in timeline for Twitter/Facebook.
    • Numbers of recent tweets - number of latest messages which will be returned from searching. It can be 20 - 100 tweets.
    • Languages - you can switch language dynamically. Supported translations are English, Russian, German or Chinese.
  • Accounts - show your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You may click open account options dialog which you can refresh token, toggle timeline or set as default account. Or click on X button if you need to remove account.
  • Advanced - several options for maintenance.
    • Show timeline since ... - show only filtered data to reduce memory usage.
    • Purge timeline - remove older data from database to save storage space.
    • Refresh database - remove all data in database and fetch recent data from account's timeline.