CloudPrint plug-in for N9
Take a picture and print to cloud printer anywhere!

CloudPrint plug-in is sharing plug-in for N9 which works with Google CloudPrint service. It enables printing to cloud-ready printers to most N9 apps that has sharing functions.

*** Remark: Please kindly enable CloudPrint plug-in in your Google account (in Accounts on desktop) to show the plug-in in sharing options. Please see more information below.

Download from MeekiMobile

Before using CloudPrint plug-in, please follow this steps below.
  1. You need a Google account. Please sign up if you don't have one.
  2. Add a Google account to your N9 (in Accounts on desktop as shown in #1-#3 screenshots)
  3. Start CloudPrint plug-in app.
  4. On first startup, the plug-in app will notify you to get authorized access token from Google CloudPrint (as shown in  screenshot #4).
  5. But if you already have FilesPlus, this step can be skipped as the plug-in shares information with FilesPlus.
  6. Any print jobs can be viewed or deleted from CloudPrint plug-in app or FilesPlus.