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Judge Score Sheets (formerly known as "Critique Sheets")

The MDF Judging Coordinator as designated by the MPA selects and assigns judges to designated regional and state festivals. Each festival will have three judges, chosen from a pool of names developed and maintained by the MDC and the MPA. This list will be updated annually based upon the recommendations of the Judges' Committee. Directors will have the opportunity to nominate prospective judges; and with input from the MDC, names by be added or removed from the master list.

Attempts will be made to balance each panel of judges, trying to achieve a good range of levels of experience, etc. Personal conflicts a judge might have with a particular school will be considered, and attempts will also be made to avoid assigning judges who are closely associated either professionally or personally to the same panel. A judge will serve at one festival site only and will not advance to judge at a higher level.

The procedures for critiques and judging will be established by the MDC and the MPA. It will be the responsibility of the Judging Coordinator to ensure that judges understand what is expected of them. There will be a judges' meeting at each host site prior to the first performance, at which time the MPA representative (and the MDC representative at the State Festival) will go over procedures.

The clerk of the judges (usually the MPA representative) is responsible for the accurate tabulation of the judges' results, and for ensuring that all paperwork associated with judging and awards is properly filled out, and for facilitating a smoothly run festival with respect to the quality and consistency of judging.

Only the clerk may be in the judges' room while deliberations are taking place. The clerk will attempt to ensure that the judges rate each play independently of one another, prior to consultation with his or her colleagues. In the event of a question about rules or procedures, the MDC Representative on site may be called upon in an advisory capacity.

Each judge will individually score each play using the MDF Score Sheets. The numerical rankings of the three judges will be totaled and the schools with the highest totals will be selected to advance to the next level. In the case of a tie, the school that has the highest point total from the "Total Production Impact" category will be named champion. If there still remains a tie, then each judge will rank order the tied schools and the school with the lowest total will be declared the winner.