Meals Delivered to Patients in Cancer Treatment

Almost everyone is affected in some way by cancer.  We would like people currently going through treatment to be able to continue their life with as little disruption as possible.  Because of this, we want to take the stress out of mealtime by preparing and transporting a meal that can be enjoyed by patients and their families.  Med Pact is committed to bringing hope and help in any way possibleMany of our volunteers have personal connections with cancer and know how hard it can be to deal with the disease.

Our name, Med Pact, stands for Meals Delivered to Patients in Cancer Treatment.  It is our pact to help patients and their families in some way, and we hope that our meals will achieve this.  The inspiration for this program came from a CNN article that highlighted the issues of cooking while undergoing cancer treatment.  After reading about the struggles of cancer treatment, specifically related to cooking, we decided to help these people.  We would like to be one part of the effort to make the treatment of cancer more manageable.

We are a group of people who are committed to making life easier for cancer patients and their families.  Most of us love to cook, and all of us love to help.  We will work personally with the patient to develop a meal that will be suitable for his or her unique needs as a patient.  Based on the cookbook What to Eat During Cancer Treatment, from the American Cancer Society, we will provide meals that are friendly for the common symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, constipation, sore mouth and difficulty swallowing, taste alterations, and/or unintentional weight loss.

Med Pact is brought to you through Thomas Jefferson University's Gross Learning Society and through the Schweitzer Fellowship

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