Type III-Synthesis Resources

Examples of Type III Resources

  • The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: (Free in India - thanks to the ICMR)

    Systematic Reviews are special reviews. They are articles that usually cover a very focused topic.
    Example: For back pain is it better to prescribe rest or staying active?
    To write  a systematic review on a topic like this, the authors will search for and analyze the data in every available large trial published on the topic. They also study the methodology and grade it. With such "systematic" activity they can tell whether there is conclusive evidence on the topic

    If you wish to understand this in still simpler language see this explanation in
    Cochrane for Dummies

  • DARE: Database of Abstract of Reviews of Evidence (Free to search; articles may or may not be free)

    This database gives us abstracts of Systematic Reviews published in journals

  • UpToDate: (Subscription based)

    This is a resource that gives us "Evidence Summaries" on various topics - broad to specialized. These summaries are based on Cochrane Reviews as well as large studies. They tell you what you can do at the point of care (patient's bedside or in the consulting room)

  • Dynamed (Subscription based)

    Another resource that gives Evidence Summaries as explained above
These sources are explained in slightly greater detail in the Section - Type III Resources.