Type III Resources

In this section, we cover some Type III resources in a little more depth

Just to recap - Type III Resources analyze / grade / check for bias / summarize the data from all available high quality evidence based resources to provide the current state of Evidence or to give easy to use Evidence summaries

You will find a few tips on searching and understanding the following resources:

  • The Cochrane Library - which has six databases. All are free to search. But the most important - "Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews" - is available to us in India completely free - ie the full reviews are available free, thanks to a country wide subscription by ICMR. The CDSR is a "Gold Standard" for current best evidence on a topic

  • UpToDate - This is a subscription based resource. This database provides us topics that are easy to use Evidence summaries

  • SUPPORT - This is a free resource focusing on Low and Middle income countries. This also contains easy to use summaries, but the number of topics is limited.