Vasumathi Sriganesh is the CEO of QMed Knowledge Foundation. She has an interesting background. She was married immediately after her graduation. After 12 years as a homemaker, she studied for her Bachelors degree in Library and Information Sciences and another seven years later did her Masters in the same field. In between she worked at the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, the Hinduja Hospital, and HELP. She has now been in the medical information arena for about nearly 20 years.

Having identified that there is practically no training in the use of medical literature available in libraries and through the Internet, she set up QMed Knowledge Foundation, a Not-for-profit Trust, to make a change. Set up in December 2007, she and her team are working hard towards empowering students and faculty to learn the art of effective searching, use what they find in their academics and practice, keeping improved healthcare services as the outcome. 

In over three years, of setting up QMed, she has conducted nearly 70 half-day training programs and almost an equal number of lectures on literature searching. She is now a regular faculty member at several medical conferences and research methodology workshops. In the coming years, the Foundation wishes to partner with institutions and create a pool of trainers in each, to spread the expertise of the team.