2. Topic search

Simple method to search for articles about a topic

Here is a simple method to do a "quick relevant search"

  • If you want articles on Economic burden of tuberculosis, do a title word search – for example:  economic[title] burden[title] tuberculosis[title]

    (Click here to see what the search page would look like)

    In the result page, scan through the titles. For any title that seems very relevant to you, click the “Related citations” link. You get a whole lot of related, relevant references.

  • You can broaden the search by searching for 
    economic[tiab] burden[tiab] tuberculosis[tiab]
    By adding [tiab] , you are searching for the word in the Title, or Abstract or both places

Note: This method of doing a Title word search / Title-Abstract search and then searching for “Related articles” is recommended only for finding some “quick read” references. It is not the best method of searching for the most relevant references in PubMed.