Feature: Single Citation Matcher

Sometime you may have faced (or you will face) one of these situations
  1. You read a reference at the end of an article. You try to locate the same in a print journal or an online journal. When you browse and reach the issue, the reference simply does not exist
  2. You have read an article, and mean to read it again, but forget to note the complete bibliographical details. 
In either of these cases the Single Citation Matcher feature in PubMed comes to your rescue

In the PubMed home page click the Single Citation Matcher link (lower half, centre column)
  • Example 1 - An incomplete reference
    Personal digital assistant usage ..... J Med Libr Assoc. 2010:157 In the Single Citation Matcher page, fill in the available details Journal - J Med Libr Assoc Date - 2010 Title - Personal
        You are not sure if 157 is the volume number or page number, so leave it out.         Click Search.         The result page shows two references, so it is easy to locate the one you want         

The Single Citation Matcher will not yield results for journals not covered in PubMed, or even issues of indexed journals not covered in PubMed. In such cases, you may have to search Google / the journal website or more resources. This clearly indicates the need for accurate referencing!