Searching with MeSH

As we mentioned earlier, not every disease, condition or term you want information on is a mesh term. It is good to check out if a term is a mesh term or not

  • On the PubMed home page look for MeSH database at the lower right hand corner and click. 
  • In the search box type Pregnancy induced diabetes and click Search. Your result page will look like this 
  • The correct standard mesh term for this condition is "Diabetes, Gestational". 
  • Now if you wish to search for articles on this topic, you can do one of the following:

    1. Click "Add to search builder"
      • Note that in the box just above, you will find "Diabetes, Gestational"[Mesh] appearing
      • Click search PubMed
      • The page will refresh and you get articles about gestational diabetes, becase PubMed has searched for the presence of "Diabetes, Gestational" in the list of MeSH terms under every reference

    2. Choose any subheading - eg drug therapy before clicking "Add to search builder:
      • Now you will see "Diabetes, Gestational/drug therapy"[Mesh]

    3. Scroll down and select "Restrict to Mesh Major topic"
      • For the above, you will see "Diabetes, Gestational/drug therapy"[Majr]
Depending on what you chose, you will get references that are more specific.

Note: Practice this with various terms. Choose more than one subheading and see what happens. This is the simplest use of MeSH. There are more complex and really interesting ways of using MeSH. The more  you experiment, the more you learn!