In the section on Topic Searches, we learned how to do a search using [Title] or [Tiab] and then clicking "Related Citations"

But is a [Tiab] (or Title) search good enough? Remember a search for Osteoporosis[tiab] will get you references which have the word Osteoporosis in the title or abstract

What happens for an article like this one:

Amongst other things, this covers Osteoporosis

Now see how this reference appears in PubMed 

The title does not have the word Osteoporosis. And it does not have an abstract. So if we do a Tiab search, we will not get this reference. So how do ensure that we get this one?

Here is a special tip. Something very special to PubMed!

Look for "MeSH terms" at the lower end of the reference and click. Do you see a list of words / phrases? 

These are keywords that describe the full article

Let us learn a little more about these
  • MeSH stands for Medical Subject Headings
  • These words or phrases are added by people called Indexers to almost all references in PubMed. Indexers read the complete article and add these MeSH terms (also called descriptors)
  • So, we can search for articles using these terms by entering a term and adding [Mesh], just as we did [title] or [tiab]