A Structured Approach to Medical Literature Searching


This introductory tutorial to medical literature searching is based on the experiences of QMed Knowledge Foundation's efforts to conduct awareness programs and full fledged training programs since April 2008. We found that such programs are rarely conducted in medical colleges and health science students and health professionals waste a lot of time sifting through large amount of text. 

QMed also conducts workshops relating to various information resources like PubMed, The Cochrane Library and more, and the manuals for these programs are made available to attendees of such workshops. 

You can also become a "Friend of QMed" by making a small contribution, and not only access these tutorials, but get additional help for your information needs. 

This tutorial serves as the Foundation to "Good practices in literature searching" and gives you an overview of important Types of Resources, The Evidence Pyramid, Some simple tips on Searching PubMed and an introduction to Resources that analyze information

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 QMed Knowledge Foundation's activities are directed towards health science students and professionals in and from India. While all are welcome to use this tutorial, we have to prioritize an Indian Audience for the "Friends of QMed" program