Community Workshops
A key component of the LCI process is public engagement.  Below is a summary of the outreach opportunities that were made available to the public throughout the planning process.

Community Master Plan Celebration! :: Thursday, June 5th

On Thursday, June 5th the public gathered for one last time to review the draft Master Plan concepts at the International Community School located within the Medlock neighborhood.  The meeting began with a brief presentation to discuss the process to date, recommendations and next steps. After the formal presentation and a question/answer period, the public was invited to look more closely at the concept displays, to partake in food from the food trucks, and to meet and talk with neighbors.  There was also an opportunity for those interested to participate in a bike ride to tour the bicycle safety recommendations within the study area.  

Community Design Charrette :: Saturday, March 29th

On Saturday, March 29th the public was invited to attend a fun and interactive design charrette at Masala Indian Restaurant located in the Patel Plaza.  Unlike typical meetings, the design charrette involved on-site demonstrations and temporary installations to explain planning and design concepts and to show how they may work in real life.  Experts were on hand to hold small group discussions with stakeholders, answer questions, and record the public’s input.  

Community Visioning Workshop :: Thursday, February 27th
At the Medline LCI Community Visioning Workshop, members of the community met the project team and heard a presentation which provided an overview of the study and what the team has learned about the study area to date. Afterwards, attendees were engaged in an interactive workshop session. 

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