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Guest Bios

 Veronica McHugh

Veronica was born and educated in Ireland. While working for the Civil Service she developed a love of travel which took her to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. From this emerged an interest in inner travel and back in London in 1976 her search led her to the Brahma Kumaris. She was one of the first western students of this World Spiritual University and although by definition, 'not a joiner', the intense experiences in meditation, coupled with a means to serve, were most compelling.

After spending six years at the European headquarters she came to the United States to establish teaching centers in Florida; first Tampa and then Miami from where she coordinates the Brahma Kumaris work throughout the state. Besides, teaching and administrative duties she also helps maintain the international  Brahma Kumaris website which can be found at 

Veronica is also on the organizing committee of Images and Voices of Hope, an 
international conversation on the social impact of public images and stories. This initiative is intended to connect and expand the community of journalists, artists and media professionals who are consciously exploring the language, the stories and the images most suited to telling a story of hope at home and around the world.  www.ivofhope.org