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"Insights of being Hu-man"

But how can we visualize what we want in a world full of total chaos? We must heal by facing our fears and building our faith that everything is in divine order.God does not make mistakes.I think there is some big cosmic plan to grow us into something great again!
Meditation is the answer to re-directing yourself in a short period of time  We have the ability to experience the now moment and observe our thinking. Once we can see that a thought is merely a pattern that can become emotional we can then change the whole scenario from moment to moment and on the physical,mental emotional, and soul level.AS my freind Anil Goswani said to me in Delhi Inida, "We wash our bodies and clean ourselves, and so we must clean our minds an souls every day..."
This was as ancinet teaching 5,000 years ago. Yet we sit our children in front of video games and televisions for downtime. (If these stressed out kids can even do that) So a change is happening.  FoR the people who are not listening, refuse to wake up or are being pushed in one way or another-- the result is  a broken leg or broken arm.. something small to slow them down to present moment. There are no accidents merely things to get our attention.
Here's why we MUST do this. The energy is increasing strongly and vibrating a very high level. Everything from the planets to politics are effected on a macro and micro level. If we do NOT move with the tide, and change the way we use our thoughts, words and reactions to stress, we will create blocks. These blocks become very solid energetically and anger, emotion, negativity refuse to allow the new to come in. And without the freedom to move, our journey may become very turbulent. WE HAVE THE POWER to consciously shift our vibration through MEDITATION practice.
Letting the sand fall to the bottom of the glass, we can and will see again. By loving YOURSELF and appreciating yourself and JUST BEING...you will become a magnet of more of the same.

After my full-on awakening, I put my heart and soul into finding the truth of who I REALLY AM. I put in countless hours invested in many, many resources for meditation, events, discussions, workshops on meditation, mediumship, intuition, yoga, and prayer. It not been easy finding them all-- but now you can enjoy them in one place at your leisure. A huge community growing of Unity Conscious people in your back yard, right behind Target and Kohl's (just kidding).Soon, I will be posting a list of meditation resources as well as spiritual centers of like-minded people.
This is all part of seeing everyone experience a better time. It's got to be interesting and fun or forget it right?
It's been FUN exploring... dancing around firewalks, drum classes,enlightened beings, and visiting bookstores. But I think the greatest fun is watching people have an A-HA moment of clarity, joy, and deep peace. Meditation makes us clear conduits to helping others. That is what it's all about.

THESE are some of my teachers, advisors and soular family. I thank them all now for being a part of my life and spiritual growth. I am honored to be able to share some of their INSIGHTS with YOU.
Here are the questions I want to ask: Are you ready to move and change with the current of conscious expansion on the planet?  Do YOU have the audacity to follow your own inner voice and bliss?-- Do you know how to trust your own intuition?- How do you love yourself? -What is the role of the healer? -How can we learn from joy rather than pain? -What does meditation have to do with God? -How can we expand into BEING love rather than finding love? -How can we re-program our thinking to that which is favorable to creating a new loving world of unity and cooperative creation? N.E. Ohio we are a growing mecca and even salt lake vortex of many hot spots and huge spiritual power centers. 
In NE. Ohio, we are becoming the "heart of the heart" of the United States in so many ways.
Without barriers, I ask local places of worship, teachers, politicians and holistic centers to bring their ancient and revolutionary new age concepts to people here. Enlightenment in one lifetime is a goal definitely for the masses to hear, sit with and begin bringing heaven to earth. A new day is dawning for a new earth. Are we the chosen ones, forgetting into complete dysfunctional patterns now to WAKE UP and remember EVERYTHING?? After 2,000 years are we just minutes close clearing the record on organized denial? The truth has no agenda... merely lessons of overcoming and then, by God, PEACE.