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"Please click on meditations to meditate.This is a work in progress! Check back tomorrow for more awe-inspiring conversations!
Namaste!" Love, Heather.

A Song by Christopher Reynolds

Enchanted Land

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"The Holy Grail"
Heather Reads,"The Prophecies of Sar'h Tamar" from The Libro Rosso, and The Book of Love,brought forth in Kathleen McGowan's book series. This was given in Unity Church Tallmadge, Ohio on 12/21/2011.

Prophecies of Sar'h

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"The greatest privilege in life is to become a midwife to the an awakening of the soul in another person."-- Plato

Richard Weiner

Richard Weiner

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New Interview
Master Teacher, Richard Weiner -- Shambhala Centers

Music by John & Karen Moody

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at the Summit Spiritual Center

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"Promoting Peace, Love, Unity, Beauty, Self-Love and Oneness Bringing together all People, All faiths, All Colors and Religions; as This is"The Way, The Truth and The Life"

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and your discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”
Patanjali author of The Yoga Sutra 2,200 years ago

Chris Reynolds with Heather Andres
Heather Andres with Professor and teacher Chris Reynolds of Angel House in Strongsville, Ohio

NEW - Heather interviews Anil Goswami 
via Skype in New Delhi

15 Minutes with Anil Goswami

"For those with the EARS to hear,  Let them hear it!"--The Time Returns.

 Meet Pilar Delaluz, a Priest of Melchisidek, Enoch,and Magdalene- The Living Earth Orientations, before her 12/21/12 speaking engagement in Mexico!

Pilar - Interview

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Pilar Farnsworth

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"Insights of being Hu-man"

"HU"- means "God-like."and here we are: A whole "god-like" race of us! But most people do not know what or why they are here. There are as many paths on the journey to wholeness and awakening, but many have been forgotten. There are many dimensions, some of them are paved with light, and some of them are not so pretty. We all have the spark of God within us. As the veil comes down,  the other realms, and the creator of all that is (God love) is even more accessible to us! This is a beautiful thing. The quieter we get, the more we can interpret.All of us have what it takes! Sometimes as a whisper, dream, a song, a vision, a knowing, a gut reaction, and ancient loving words. Each path is to be honored, treasured and embraced, yet during The Crusades (and so many other wars) people were burned at the stake for believing and admitting that the spark of god was from with-in and accessible. So much wisdom and truth was destroyed. We are left with one solid point: We are co-creators. (read more)

"Be humble for you are made of EARTH; Be noble for you are made of STARS."

Heather Andres interviews lovely Sister Waddy
of the Brahma Kumaris - before her talk at Summit Spiritual Center to Scientology people held at the Masonic Lodge; Michael Mangus Officiates; Akron Brahma Kumaris Director, Kristina Hoeful  leads a lovely meditation. Namaste!

Sr. Waddy Interview

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Sr. Waddy Speech Part 1

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Sr. Waddy Speech Part 2

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Meditation Station, "Advocating Growth Within" 

Sister Waddy has spoken to thousands of people over the globe about finding "The still point of light within." Recently she was here for  the Diwali Festival of Lights that was celebrated throughout India near a New Moon Solar Eclipse. I then audio recorded her talk at Summit Spiritual Center. Exciting new capabilities. Meditation Station now has conference call recording ability and stream out. I was also able to record Richard Weiner, about the mindfulness teachings of Shambala through a phone interview. Here we also have the Merging Hearts Fire-walkers talk about how the 12-hour workshop of facing fears through trust and intimacy with strangers breathing the same air and carrying the same wood impacted their lives and choices.

In experiencing long and thoughtful conversations, I have embraced this unconcious shadow with-in, often still, releasing the shadow with-out; as above- so below;the path of beauty and the red road; the path of love and light; the way of Jesus and the Holy Grail; the teaching of the Buddas and Boddisatvas; the Tao; what energy is; how to live spiritually; how to stand firm in your power and know your Christed self;what it means to be spiritually grounded energetically into the earth; living on Native American burial soil, accepting 'the others;' the power of prayer and intent form the heart chakra; how to trust source;love and forgive oneself and others;do spiritual house-cleaning;ancient wisdom from the great masters and gifted children; metaphysics and spiritual laws of the universe; visualizing healing though energy field; magic; how to respect others lessons and paths and even how to honor differences in the choices others make without losing the love...and that is just the tip of the iceberg! So much is happening and it is time for a RE-birth, and RE-membering and RE-connection.

"Every day expect a Miracle."
Real physical healings and miracles have happened to me personally.Miracles only happen if you BELIEVE you can have them and allow them in. They have happened to many others in incredible ways, as I  dream my mind has been remembering them all in time wake up in the dead of night to furiously write,  "The Gift of the Unknown."
Like the movie"Finding Joe," about the work of the late Joseph Campbell, we are all going through the hero's journey of separation, initiation and return. Finding our TRUE selves is the most glorious thing in the world. 

This is my return to YOU. If you are reading this now, you have undoubted crossed my path along the way ,and you are all of my loving dear SOULAR family! We are connected in ways yet untold! My guides tell me that I want to know it all and know it now. They give it all to us in zigsaw pieces.I have developed though trial and error in my tool box through countless lectures and book studies. I am spiritually lead daily. It has been all-consuming and awe-inspiring. They tell us now we can learn from joy rather than pain. 
Please bring bring it.:)I am grateful for these so called "blessons", (lessons turned to blessings) because there is not one spiritual scenario I would not know how to handle or how to find the answers straight to God or could steer my gaze a little wider.

"Let's start a tyrannical revolution of consciousness of TRUTH and LOVE so far-reaching that when the people taste the ecstatic bliss of KNOWING that they DEMAND it everywhere they go -- in everything they do; from every level institution and profession -- to everything they listen to: from every single medium of information." 

Heather Andres

This site is inspired by my spiritual teachers/awakeners on earth and beyond and dedicated to the precious Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo Children that will re-build The way for the next 21-years of humanity. 

"Precious Is The Light Within. Jee!," as told to me by a very gifted and an advanced two-year-old nephew, in an ancient language of the Rishis after the funeral of my 88-year-old, Uncle Nick D'Agati, Feb.2008. This was confirmed a day later that he is the gifted one known as NONI. 
It is rumored we once had two moons, and Noni was the name of the second moon,
His twin flame was also made known to us as Tara, which is the ancient name for our beloved earth. God bless the children who will lead the future.


"Oh, what next Heather?!"
Dr. Robert Alcorn
Board Certified Psychiatrist.Author of "Healing Stories"
Dr. Alcorn

Dr. Alcorn Interview

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Learn more at Dr. Alcorn's Website
As a Journalist, we learned to always look for what was hidden and FORBIDDEN. Within the most intensive five years of looking for answers, I have CHANGED. I've experienced so many things that at first the ego finds fastinating and becomes attached to. But attachment is SUFFERING. So we must let go and live our destiny.
But like the laws of the universe- there are some things that cant be changed, no matter what man, cult, dogma or religion says it so.
Gandi said,"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will NEVER imprison my mind." Be the change. We are passengers on this ride, but we can grow as a soul. UNLIKE many places I have been, There is free speech allowed here! Noone is going to censor you.

Rev. Paul Christian, Master Healer, Homepathic Practitioner (one-ness blessing Unity Church-Tallmadge)

Interview with Paul Christian

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Paul Christian Part 2

Client Testimonial ~

"I've never met ANYONE who has worked so diligently and completely on self-growth. Who is completely open-minded to every type of modality offered... spiritually and inter-personally, as well. She absorbs every tool that comes her way. She is so grounded and purpose-driven..." 
Darlene McCarty,B.A.,LMT

Namaste- Namasta!
"It is with great EXCITEMENT that I welcome you all to Northeast Ohio's link for inner PEACE and PERSONAL GROWTH through ancient and modern practices.I feel so grateful to be able to introduce people to ways to find peace in their lives, no matter what state of being they may be in. The challenges are surmountable when we can re-center and re-group ourselves. Peace is ever possible when we center in the breath.The "now moment" and the breath is the only thing that we really have.
Smiles.This is a site for those of deep thought searching for answers. If something does not resonate with you, please try another interview. It is a sampling for the taking. There is no right or wrong here. It is only judgement that keeps us separated.All I ask is that we all  keep our ears and eyes open. Embrace the change within and without.It must happen. Change is coming for the betterment of humanity!All we have to do is BELIEVE the TRUTH , love and light will PREVAIL over darkness."----Heather Andres


The late but still working
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