Meditation Experience

Prem Neerajan (Alessandro Blini)
Yearlong Training with Meditation Module
January 2005-December 2005

Sunder Ashni (Kimberly Massiah)
Yearlong Training with Meditation Module
March 2006-March 2007

OSHO Center Training

OSHO international, Pune, India

August 2008

OSHO Dynamic Meditation
21 Day Intensives
New York Core Center
September 2005- April 2009

Edgar Cayce Center of NY
Winter 2009

Reflections Yoga
June 2010

Yoga to The People Teacher Training
Quarterly from Spring 2008 to Winter 2011

OSHO Active Meditations

OSHO Kundalini Meditation
OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
OSHO No Dimensions Meditation
OSHO Nataraj Meditation
OSHO Gourishankar Meditation
OSHO Mandala Meditation
OSHO Devavani Meditation
Move with Grace

April 2011-Present

Yoga Mandali
October 2005-May 2006
New York Core Center
September 2005-June 2009
Move with Grace
April 2007-June 2007
Yin Yang Yoga and Meditation Center
July 2007-July 2008
June 2007
November 2007
January 2008
Meditation for the Community
Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership
December 2007 to June 2008

Passive Techniques

Darkness Meditation
New York Core Center
September 2005-Present

Vipassana Meditation
New York Core Center
April 2006
OSHO International Resort (Sunder Ashni)
August 2008

Events Rooted in Meditation and the Arts

OSHO Meditation Camp
Event Room
February 2007 –In Conjunction with Meditation Module
New York Core Center
March 2007

OSHO Film Festival- In conjunction with Meditation Module
TACT Theater Space
June 2006

Afternoon of Creation and Meditation
Monthly Events
November 2006
January 2007
April 2007
November 2007

Dance Parade 2007
OSHO Dance float with Meditation Life and Energy of Breath
May 2007

OSHO Sufi Event: Mystic Cup of Extravagant Ecstasy
East West Yoga
October 2007

Chakra Pulse Exploration
Tri-Murti Wellness
February 2008

Unleashing the Inner Dance
Osho International Resort, Pune, India
August 2007
Tri-Murti Wellness
March 2008

June 2008 

Meditation in Action©
Total Theater Lab with Caroline Thomas
December 2007-December 2008

Reclaiming the Wild Goddess
February 2009

Radiant Being
Pulsation Workshop with Krisana Locke
November 2009