A Better Way To Meditate

If you are looking for a meditation application that is more that just replacement of a CD player or a book please try this application. Imagine you could modify an existing or create your own meditations to suit your particular need. Imagine you can play them back at your own pace and depth. This is what Meditation Creator is all about.

This application uses spoken voice for guidance.

Meditation Creator is available free on Google Play.


Many meditators use some form of audio aid (e.g. guided meditation), whether its source is a CD, the internet or a person/facilitator. Guidance, if delivered well, can greatly enhance meditation through teaching and assisting the meditator to stay focused.

The main disadvantage of most such audio aids is that they are fixed or hard to modify to suit a particular personal need. Whatever the author of a meditation decided to include or exclude is reflected in the recording. As the meditator advances in their practice, there comes a desire to expand from the audio aids previously used.

For example, most CD or mp3 recordings begin with an introduction which is interesting and useful to hear the first few times around. However, it then becomes a hindrance- unless one wishes to practice mediating on impatience.

Given these limitations, a new approach in the delivery of guided meditation is proposed here. Specifically, the application’s initial version allows the following two parts:

Key Advantages of Meditation Creator 

1.    A meditation is subdivided into a series of separate audio clips (separate mp3 files).

2.    Audio clips can be rearranged, deleted, added and/or duplicated.

3.    A new meditation can be created from the existing clips already available in the application (as we speak new clips are being added or can be requested from the author).

4.    Pace of meditation can be adjusted with silence between clips.

5.    Depth of meditation can be adjusted with repetition of clips.

A number of pre-created meditations are included in the app. These are:

- mindfulness, various types including Thich Nhat Hanh,

- Christian prayer, Bible verses, Psalms,Imitations of Christ,

- twelve steps, 

- inner child work, trauma healing, being safe,

- inspirational quotes,

- relaxation with breath, releasing tension, positive imagery, progressive

- focusing,

- neuroplasticity, memory reconsolidation, coherence therapy,

- worry, peace, suffering, charged issue, love, compassion, loving care,

- acceptance, gratitude,