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Jessico the Dancing Outlaw and
Johnny Rubbish

Another cracking episode that will make you wonder just how the researchers dug up the featured clips. Bob talks about his heroes- Lionel Blair, Wayne Sleep, and Jessico White aka 'the Dancing Outlaw'. Jessico's mindset is somewhere between the craziest man alive, a deluded fool, and a psychopath. His love of dancing is balanced against his tales of shooting hippies, and other traditional redneck past times. Bob revels in some of Jessico's statements, such as "My real name's Jessico, but I go by Jessie, cos of my grandpaw who was Jessie Earl, and cos it's easier to spell." Cue Bob- "You've got two choices in life, learn to spell your name or change it."
There's loads of Jessico info at http://www.roadogz.com/stories/jesco.htm which interestingly notes that Jessico is a neighbour of Hasil Adkins (see s4 ep22 below).

After a great gag about Bob having a night out with Dale Winton and Michael Barrymore, part two continues with a clip of a great late 70s comedian who goes by the moniker of 'Johnny Rubbish'. Unbelievably this bloke is introducing the fantastic X Ray Spex on stage, and the fans are less then impressed- he's gobbed on, held captive in a metal box, and generally abused. Of course Bob decides to heighten the gag by claiming that he was Johnny Rubbish, and reminiscing on how comedy audiences as well as the jokes have changed over the years. I can assure you that Bob's stand up material is much better than the gags that Johnny Rubbish offers!

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Update: (Jan 2007) Please check out the comments section on the YouTube page for the Jessico clip. Those Americans are damn funny you know!

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"The Poor Mans James Bond" and
More Chakra Healing

Bob is knocking off lovely Aussie singer Natalie Embroidery this week. So, on to "Kurt Saxon, the poor man's James Bond!" As Bob says, Saxon does the things Bond doesn't get time to in the films- like, er, make pancakes. This dodgy US video must be a classic, as Kurt, with a feather in his hat, then seems to move on to bomb making. Quite where the James Bond link comes in is never made clear, but this survivalist item (wiki link) follows through on how to make bombs to kill Russians. Part "How!", part "Brainiac", this clip provides Bob with a lot of laughs.

Carrying on with yet another Cops segment, and then a return to the freaky chakra healer from s4 ep12 (above). Starting with a review of his book by Karen and Thierry Bogilogilog, who have grass on their roof, Bob moves us on to the healer in action. His skills include- being able to tell if someone is hot or cold by feeling their hand and seeing if it's hot or cold, and clapping in front of a woman's face repeatedly. Vaguely funny and stupid at the same time, providing more easy gags for Millsy.

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Chris Serle- Friday NOW! and
'Hasil Adkins- Rockabilly Hero or Alcoholic Pest?'

"Friday- NOW!" involved Chris Serle looking in to consumer problems, such as passengers getting trapped by the automated ticket barriers on the tube. As Bob points out, his methods leave something to desire, as he seems to be entirely bodging his 'experiment' to prove his point. And not in a very conniving way. Bob absolutely revels in his analysis of the lazy journalism seen here. After laughing hard at Serle's ineptitude, let's move on to part two...

...which features proto-punk legend Hasil Adkins, who admittedly, is pretty funny to watch. Bob enjoys having a laugh at this bona fide legend, and it works because he's still pretty unknown in the UK. I recommend you look at
this wiki link for Hasil after watching the ep and learn a bit more about him and his 9000 song catalogue. Hasil is noted in the clip to be "A rockabilly hero, or an alcoholic pest", and Bob shows a static clip of some of his sheet music. Bob sings "I woke up this morning..." noting it to be "a little bit twee by todays standards" and then plays the actual song. It's not quite what he remembered it to be. Very funny stuff, and a great companion episode to s4 ep3 "Jessico the Dancing Outlaw" who happens to have been a neighbour of Hasil's. What a great town that place must be!

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