In Bed With Medinner Downloads

Full Episodes from all series can be watched on my YouTube account
YouTube occasionally block a few of the episodes, Aaron Russo from S4 ep5 keeps on complaining about me!
SERIES ONE is missing from the archive

YouTube compilation of S1 clips:

 SERIES TWO has been edited prior to me receiving them;
the missing musical segments are not in my possession, neither is ep1
YouTube playlist of all S2 episodes:

  SERIES THREE is almost complete. Ep10 is only half an episode. Ep9 was uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

 S3 ep01  S3 ep02  S3 ep03  S3 ep04  S3 ep05  S3 ep06
 S3 ep07  S3 ep08  Youtube  S3 ep10  S3 ep11  S3 ep12
 S3 ep13  S3 ep14  S3 ep15
 S3 ep16  S3 ep17  S3 ep18
 S3 ep19
 S3 ep20  S3 ep21  S3 ep22  S3 ep23  S3 ep24
 S3 ep25  S3 ep26        

YouTube playlist of all S3 episodes:

  SERIES FOUR is complete. 

Update May 2013- new full size avi's added to complete my uploads! Thanks to all who have helped to host these by adding Dropbox over the last two years. I've also dug out my old sites episode guide and am uploading those files here. Some of the links are dead, some images are missing- all will be sorted out in the next week or so. Finally, the dream is almost there- a complete Medinner website with downloads of (almost) every ep. It's a dream i've had for more than a decade. Good times!

Update Nov 2015- after a long period of concentrating on making my fortune (well alright a tenner) i'm now able to take things easier. I've looked at how YouTube has changed since I first uploaded Medinner stuff a decade ago, and am now uploading the best quality files I have of each full ep to YT. I'm guessing some eps will be taken down quickly due to the auto copyright system there, I know a couple of the rights owners for eps featuring American content have seen a few of my 10 min clips taken down over the years. If they aren't on YT, download them here.

Update Dec 2015- unbelievably, a kind YouTuber has uploaded the previously missing episode (s3 e09) and a one hour compilation from s1. I've linked to these above.

NOTE- if the download links are not working, its a temporary suspension on Dropbox. Every now and again I get an email from them saying my files have been downloaded an insanely large number of times in a given period and they suspend them in case it's some sort of link spam deal; we're on an average of 6000 downloads per episode over the past year, which is a lot of data. It usually only lasts 24 hours, so if you have problems, come back a day later. An alternative is to google 'YouTube downloader' and get the files directly from there.