Our History

In the summer of 2000, Michelle Powell, a single mother of two, began a journey that would ultimately change her life and positively impact the lives of many children in need.  Michelle's first vision of Let's Make a Difference may have been formed using only her limited resources - a simple meal and a game of kickball at the local park; but it was the positive feedback from the handful of children to whom she reached out that inspired her to make that vision a reality.

Strengthened by her commitment to ministry and her work as a consultant for Medina Schools, Michelle has persevered in overcoming obstacles while developing the Let's Make a Difference Program.  She has organized and presides over a board of directors; oversees and joins with a volunteer outreach team that plans and provides the daily summer activities; and still remains the caring inspiration for Medina's underprivileged kids through her leadership and guidance.

Let's Make a Difference, now in it's 15th year, welcomes over 30 children each summer.  Many dedicated volunteers are  vital part of this thriving summer outreach program which offers them educational enrichment, recreation and creative growth.  Truly, the vision of Let's Make a Difference has become a reality, not only in the eyes of Michelle Powell, but in the lives of Medina's Children-especially those in need. We hope to expand the program to include more children and provide them with additional support throughout the year.

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