MS & HS Research Help

Research has 5 basic steps. 
The Research Project Calculator will help you get organized and set deadlines.  Click the link below to try it out.

For more information about each research step, click on the Step.

Step 1: Question

  • What do you know about your assignment?
  • What do you know about your topic?
  • What do you want to know?
  • What's the question or problem you will focus on?
Be sure your topic is not TOO BIG or too small.  If you find information all over the place try to focus your topic.  If you cannot find any information easily try to expand your topic.

                                        Write a specific research question or hypothesis.

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Step 2: Gather

  • Where will you look for information?
  • What search tools will you use to find the best information to answer your question?
  • What keywords will you use?
  • How will you identify the best sources?
  • How will you record what you find?
  • How will you give credit to your sources?
It is important to use authentic sources for your research.  Stay away from commercial magazines, focus on journals, primary source documents, interviews and other academic sources.  Medina subscribes to many resources for you, and the state provides us with some.

Create an annotated bibliography and record notes from sources.
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Step 3: Conclude

  • What did you learn from reading, listening, and viewing?
  • How will you organize the information you found to answer your question or defend your hypothesis?
Identify main topics and subtopics. Take your notes. Be organized.

Confirm thesis and outline main points.
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Step 4: Communicate

  • Written Essay or Research Paper
  • Draft text and create visuals
  • Revise text and insert visuals
  • Edit
  • Print final paper
SYNTHESIZE!  Put your notes together. Combine thoughts and ideas from different sources into new ideas. Phrase things in YOUR own words.

Prepare final essay or research paper.
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Step 5: Evaluate

  • Look at your rubric. Have you met all expectations for this assignment?
  • Are you proud of your work?
  • How can you improve next time?