Learning DigiPhotography

I put what I've found helpful for a newbie here

Good Places to go

DP Review (A place to be introduced to digital photography)

DeviantArt (A place to start and get inspired by others works)

iStockPhoto (A place for people who do better & you can sell your work)

Know about digital photography

   The first thing you should thing about is the camera. You need to choose the right one. Usually going for digital camera's available on the market and reading reviewes on CNET, PC Magazine or other gadget reviewer materials. After all, I recommend anyone who is looking for a suitable camera, be familiar with digital camera's specification. I mean the technical words and phrases and their meanings. As a good place for a newbie check DP Review's Glossary page.

Read reviews and chose the right one

   Now you can underestand digital camera's specifications and can compare them. This is the time to go for reviews. There are many reviewers and websites, but I gain recomment you check DP Review's Reviews before going anywhere. After all digital camera should suites your needs so aftarall you should decide to chose the best one to have on your own.

Time to try it out


Tips and techniques

   1. Be patient, practice and look for fun :)

   2. A tripod helps

   3. Read your Digital Camera manual carefully and more than 3 times

   4. Check the public galleries, e.g. DeviantArt or iStockPhoto, there are a lot of things to learn and nice things for getting inspired there.

   5. Macro photography could be a good place to start and getting nice results

   6. Read as much as you can, on the webpages, tutorials, ebooks, hardcopies etc. Before & After Makeovers Digital Photography book is a fair book for beginners(like me:P).

   7. Do not hesitate, put your works on the web, share it with your friends. It gives you self-confidence and support. I have a gallery on DeviantArt.