Medifast is essentially a doctor-recommended diet plan. It has been designed to help people who are unable to lose weight quickly but must do so to be healthy and fit. The main idea behind the Medifast plan is to create what is called a calorie deficit. This deficit will actually cause the body to start burning the stored fat and lead to weight loss.

What is the Medifast diet all about?

In the Medifast diet plan, you will come across portion –controlled foods which are essentially low in fats, carbohydrates and calories. Incidentally, much of the food in this diet program is in the form of dried ingredients. The dieter is expected to dissolve this in water and consume it. However, there are other food options too for dieters keen to consume solid meals.

Given the fact that most of the Medifast meals have to be mixed with water, it is found to be most convenient for people leading very hectic work lives. They usually do not have the time to cook healthy low-calorie meals for themselves. The disabled people and seniors also benefit from the Medifast plans as these are easy-to-prepare meals. The standard plans will provide dieters with five meals and one lean-and-green meal which the dieter must prepare independently every day. Medifast is difficult to follow because eating bland meals for days on end may be a hard proposition for most people. It is also quite costly and therefore not as affordable as Nutrisystem, which almost everyone can buy.

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Why is Nutrisystem a far better alternative to Medifast?
  • However, when it is convenience you are looking for, then, Nutrisystem is always the best choice for any dieter. Nutrisystem helps millions of people all over the world to lose the extra weight in a safe way. There is no starving or weight loss tablets involved; weight loss is made possible by consuming small meals multiple times a day. So, Nutrisystem basically inculcates good eating habits in dieter and teaches them the importance of eating right.
  • Nutrisystem meals contain proteins, fibers and whole grains, but no trans fats. The meals are rich in essential ingredients which people need to be able to function normally. All meals are precooked and they are delivered right to your doorstep. There is no need to measure the calories in your meals as Nutrisystem offers calorie-controlled and portion controlled meals.
  • Nutrisystem also comes up with different kinds of plans for different classes of dieters. So, you can order for a vegan diet plan, a diabetic plan if you have Type2 diabetes, a men’s plan or a women’s plan, a child plan or a senior plan. You are expected to choose a meal plan depending on your health requirements. You can even get free counseling from diet experts to make the right choice.
  • The best part about choosing Nutrisystem meals is that these are almost like regular meals, except that they have less sodium and sugar in them. This is to keep blood pressure and blood glucose levels under check. The meals mainly contain foods which have low Glycemic Index to prevent the sugar levels from fluctuating. Unlike Medifast, meals are tasty and you can even enjoy gourmet meals when you subscribe to their Uniquely Yours plans. It is also possible to customize the menu options to include your own food preferences.
  • Nutrisystem plans are a far better alternative to Medifast plans because they will not ask you to give up on your favorite foods to lose weight. You can always continue to indulge in your treats from time to time, however in moderation. You can enjoy normal lunch, breakfast and dinners with even options for low-calorie desserts and snacks when you are on a diet.
  • What makes Nutrisystem more desirable amongst dieters is the cost factor. Unlike Medifast, Nutrisystem is highly affordable. When you opt for the most basic plans, you end up paying only about $11 a day. Besides, Nutrisystem offers savings coupons online and you can take advantage of their money back offer too. So, if you are not satisfied with the diet plan for some reason, you are free to claim a refund.
  • Nutrisystem meal plans are also easy to follow. They are super convenient for working individuals who do not get the time to cook meals at home. This is also true of Medifast plans but in Medifast, you are expected to cook one lean meal every day. With Nutrisystem, you only have to heat the meals before eating them. There is no need to count calories or measure portions.
  • Nutrisystem plans can be followed by anyone. However, Medifast plans require you to consult a doctor first because they create a calorie deficit in the body to make you lose weight. So, adapting to the plans may be harder than you think.
Other alternatives to Medifast:

Besides Nutrisystem which turns out to be the most popular alternative to Medifast, there are some others like Weight Watchers and Medifake plans. Weight Watchers has been around for long because like Nutrisystem it also focuses on consuming real foods. With Medifast, your body gets used to processed foods and these often cause problems in digestion. But Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem meals are tasty and help dieters learn good eating habits. The only difference with Nutrisystem is that Weight Watchers assigns point values for every food. So, you basically have to ensure that you consume a specific number of points a day. This is not mandatory but helps people keen to track their progress. Weight Watchers is a popular alternative to Medifast also because of the community support dieters get. Dieters can hope to receive a lot of moral support from the community and they can physically interact with diet experts in Weight Watchers meetings. When you have group support, chances of sticking to the diet are higher.

Another option is the Medifake diet which is essentially a do-it-yourself diet program. Here, you can use your own choice of foods but you must follow the guidelines given by Medifast as far as calories, carbs and protein consumption go. This is more of a copy-cat diet plan but is only effective when you have enough self-discipline and keen to cook meals at home.