Getting Started

This project will be the final activity for Mr River's Global 9 class units on Medieval and Renaissance Europe. This will be your chance to tie together what you have learned about the changes that happened in various areas during these periods of history and present them to the class. You will need to pick 1 out of the 5 subject areas and compare both Medieval and Renaissance examples. Each subject has a link to topic suggestions. For each subject, you will need to come up with a visual (picture, graphic organizer, chart) or some other representation (audio clip, costume, etc) which will help explain the topic which you will present. As part of your presentation you will need to describe the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Then, you need to analyze the significance of the topic- how was it different? what was the long-term effect? etc.
The subjects are: (click on the link to get topic suggestions)