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Turkey Berry

Scientific Name: Solanum torvum Sw.

        Turkey Berry is a very hairy shrub that grows to a height of 1.5-3 metres.It belongs to the plant family Solanaceae.The oval leaves may or may not have any prickles.If the number of prickles is missing in this species,there could be just one prickles near the base of the midrib.The small flowers are white and found in bifurcating cymes.The round fruits are 1.3 diameter and they are seated on prominent calyxes.The seeds are small and smooth.

  •  Cures enlarged liver and spleen.
  •  Cough.
  •  Cutaneous cracks in the feet.
  •  Asthma,chest congestion,diabetes,piles and tuberculosis.
  •  Stomachache.
  •  Anaemia and chest congestion.
  •  Malaria.
  •  The decoction of the fruits will take care of enlarged liver,spleen and cough.
  •  The freshy crushed roots are used as poultice to cure the chapped and cracked feet.
  •  To take care of asthma,chest congestion,diabetes,piles and tuberculosis,fry equal quantities of the following in a little clarified butter or ghee till they become golden brown in colour;Ajowan(Trachyspermum ammi).Amla(Phyllanthus embica) without seeds.Curry leaves(Murraya koenigil).Fenugreek seeds(Trigonella foenumgraecum),dried Ginger(Zingiber officinale),Mango kernel(Mangifera indica),and the rind of Pomegranate(Punica granatum).Powder and bottle.Dosage:1 or 2 teaspoon twice daily mixed with a little milk.
  •  For stomachache,fry two teaspoons of dried fruits in a very little clarified butter or ghee and eat.Grind a piece of root into a very fine paste.Roll it into pepper-size pills.Sun dry and bottle.Use 4 or 5 pills with warm water.
  •  For anaemia and chest congestion,fry 2 to 3 teaspoons of dried berries in a little clarified butter or ghee and powder.Add this to a very meal three times a day.
  •  For malaria,grind equal quantities of the roots of Turkey Berry(Solanum torvum).Sandalwood(Santalum album)and Prickly Chaff(Achyranthes aspera),into a very fine paste.Roll into small pepper size pills and dry in the sun.Take 3 to 5 pills with warm water,3 or 4 times a day.

     Fresh or dried fruit,leaves and root.

            As recommended above and follow normal procedures.