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Goat's Foot Creeper

Scientific Name: Ipomoea pes-caprae Linn
                           Tagalog Name:    Bagasua

Goat's Foot Creeper

        Goat’s Foot Creeper is classified into the plant family Convolvulaceae.It is a creeper with a thick brown bark,and numerous long and prostrate branches with a smooth and hairless body surface.The leaves are 3.8-5.7 cm. long and bilobed. The funnel-shaped,rose-purple flowers are large and usually solitary,growing on upright stalks.The capsules are 1.3-1.6 cm. long,avoid,smooth,and shiny.The seeds are covered with fine hairs.

Medicinal Use:

  •        Rheumatism and colic.
  •         Oedema.
  •          Whitlow,which is the painful abscess on the side of a  fingernail or a toe nail.
  •        Piles.


  •          The crused leaves are applied externally in rheumatism and colic or stomach and intestinal cramps.
  •          The juice of the leaf is given as a diuretic in oedema and the same juice is applied over the affected parts.
  •          The paste of the leaf is applied in whitlow,which is a painful abscess on the side of a fingernail or a toe nail.
  •          The juice of the leaf is also applied externally to cure piles.


    The leaves.


    As recommended above.