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I would like to welcome the  readers from the HCC Blog.

If you would like to be added to the Medicare Risk Adjustment group on Linked In  see the link below or send me an e mail.
Firms with positions are open to post jobs on the discussion board. Members on the linked in board will receive the discussion link automatically with postings . The Juju.com  link to job postings is helpful to job seekers as well.
The training materials on the menu bar are the core content of the web site.
I have added a link for those interested in the Medicaid risk adjustment model.  For those with Medi-Medi plans, there may be some insight in reading a paper in Health Care Financing Review that is included on the UCSD  link.   There are less categories in the Medicaid  model. (Chronic Illness and Disability  Payment System)  The Mercer  report in the California Department of Managed Care link reviews the various methodologies.
 Useful videos can be found on this youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TbgmERTXfg&feature=share
 You may contact me at jswoben@aol.com or 562-439-5993
Jim Swoben  MHCA
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NameWeb siteContentRanking
NameWeb siteContentRanking
HCC Blog  HCC Blog   Excellent 
Risk Adjustment Jobs  JuJu.com Job postings  Excellent 
SCAN HEALTH PLAN Blog HCC University  Excellent 
Stanford Patient Education  Stanford/Kaiser Chronic Disease self care Program Design Excellent 
Diverified Data Design DDD Encounter Data Clearinghouse  
CMS EMR incentives for Medicare Advantage CMS EMR Meaningful Use   
World Research Group  Risk Adjustment Workshop Medicare Advantage Conference  
CMS  Health Plans   
Agency for Health Research and Quallity  AHRQ Practice guidelines  
CMS   Risk Adjustment    
Deming  Edward Deming  Total Quaiity Management   
Health Data Vision  http://healthdatavision.com/   
UCSD  A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine A comprehensive physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care professionals  
Opal events  Opal Events  Risk Adjustment Related Conferences   
ICD9 reference icd9data.com ICD9 definitions   
CPT  Codes CPT definitions  
ICE for Health  Radar work group   
California Association of Physician Groups  CAPG   
Southeast Texas Medical Group training site  Southeast Texas Medical Group  HCC Physican training   
ICD10Data.com ICD10Data.com ICD10 information   
Circle Square  Circle Square EHR Health IT  
California Department of Managed Care  Dual State Model    
Tripp Center  trippcenter.uchc.edu Medical Home   
Linkedin  Linked in    
DELL EMR http://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/sitelets/solutions/industry_application/pub_solutions/dell_electronic_medical_records?c=us&cs=RC968571&l=en&s=hea Electronic Medical Record  
Partners in Care PIC Disease Mangement   
Health Care Compliance Association HCCA Compliance Program Manangement  
Codapedia Codapedia  Wiki of content for coders  
American Academy of Professional Coders  AAPC   
Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System http://cdps.ucsd.edu/ Medicaid Payment System   
Showing 30 items