Wound Care Products (Terms - Dressings, Cleansers, etc.) For Medical Transcriptionists

3M Cavilon wound cleanser

3M Tegaderm Ag Mesh antimicrobial dressing

Acticoat 3 antimicrobial dressing

Airstrip composite dressing

Alldress composite dressing

Anasept antimicrobial wound gel

Aquacel Hydrofiber wound dressing

Arglaes antimicrobial dressing

ArtAssist compressive dressing

Askina Sorb

Bard Vigilon primary wound dressing

BGC Matrix wound dressing

Biafine wound dressing

Biobrane skin substitute

Biolex wound gel / hydrogel dressing

Biopatch foam dressing

CarboFlex odor control dressing

CarraGinate with Acemannan gel

Carrasyn wound dressing

CellerateRx paste  /  CellerateRx  powder  /   CellerateRx collagen wound care

Centurion SorbaView dressing

ColActive Ag collagen dressing

Comfeel hydrocolloid wound dressing

Comprilan short stretch bandage

Contreet foam dressing

Coverlet adhesive dressing

Curafil wound dressing

Curagel wound dressing

Curasorb Zinc alginate dressing

Curity AMD antimicrobial dressing

Cutinova Cavity wound filler

Dermagran wound dressing

DermAssist hydrogel impregnated gauze dressing

DermAssist wound filler

DermaSyn hydrogel dressing

DermaView transparent film dressing

DIAB GEL hydrogel dressings

Di-Dak-Sol antimicrobials dressing

DP Wound Care dressing closure device

DuoDERM  hydrocolloid dressing

DuoDERM CGF hydrocolloid dressing

DuoDERM hydrogel dressing

DuoDERM SCB compressive dressings and wraps

Dyna-Flex compressive dressings and wraps

Elta Dermal hydrogel dressing

Elta Dermal wound cleanser

Engenex negative pressure wound therapy

EpiFLO transdermal sustained delivery of oxygen

Ethezyme 830 Papain Urea Debriding Ointment

Exuderm dressing

Exu-Dry absorptive wound dressing

Fibracol Plus collagen wound dressing

Flexderm hydrogel sheet dressing

FlexiGel Strands absorbent wound dressing

Flexzan foam dressing

FyBron alginate dressing

Gelocast Unna's boot dressing

Gentell alginate dressing

Gladase enzymatic debridement agent

GraftJacket regenerative tissue matrix

Hyalofill-F plus compression bandaging

hyCURE dressing

Hydrofera Blue moist wound healing dressing

Hyperion advanced alginate dressing

Iamin wound dressing

Integra synthetic skin substitute

Integra-Gel hydrogel wound dressing

Iodosorb antimicrobial dressing

Kalginate calcium alginate wound dressing

Kaltostat alginate dressing

Kerlix AMD gauze dressing

Lyofoam foam dressing

Maxorb Extra Ag dressing

Medifil II dressing

Medipore dressing

Melgisorb calcium/sodium alginate dressing

Mepiform scar dressing

Mepilex Border self-adherent absorbent foam dressing

Mepilex foam dressing

Mepitel contact layer dressing

Mepore Pro self-adhesive dressing

Mepore self-adhesive absorbent dressing

Mesalt wound dressing

Mitraflex foam dressing

Normlgel hydrogel dressing

N-Terface contact dressing

Nu-Derm alginate wound dressing

Nu-Gel wound dressing

Oasis wound matrix

Oleeva Scar Shapes scar management

Opsite Flexigrid transparent film dressing

OpSite transparent film dressing

Optifoam Ag wound dressing

Optipore Sponge

OrCel tissue-engineered biological dressing

Panafil enzymatic debrider

PanoGauze hydrogel impregnated gauze dressing

PanoPlex hydrogel wound dressing

Polyderm foam dressing

PolyMem calcium alginate dressing

Polyskin II transparent dressing

PolyWic wound filler

Primapore wound dressing

PriMatrix collagen wound dressing

Primer compression dressing / wrap

Prisma Matrix wound dressing

ProCyte transparent film dressing

Profore Lite compression bandage

Profore Multi-Layer compression bandage

Promogran Prisma Matrix wound dressing

Puri-Clens wound cleanser

Purilon Gel dressing

Regranex gel

RepliCare hydrocolloid dressing

Restore CalciCare calcium alginate dressing

SAF-Clens AF Dermal wound cleanser

Sea-Clens wound cleanser

Setopress high compression bandage

SignaDRESS Sterile hydrocolloid dressing

Silon Dual-Dress 04P Multi-Function wound dressing

SilvaSorb antimicrobial dressing

SilverDerm 7 antimicrobials dressing

Silverlon antimicrobial dressing

SilverSeal wound dressing

Sofsorb sterile absorbent wound dressing

SoloSite wound gel

Sorbalgon calcium alginate wound dressing

Sorbsan alginate dressing

Stimulen collagen powder / dressing

SurePress high compression bandage

Suresite transparent film dressing

Techni-Care wound cleanser

Tegaderm transparent film dressing

Tegagel hydrogel wound filler / dressing

Tegagen HG alginate dressing

Tegagen HI alginate dressing

Tegapore wound contact dressing

Tegasorb hydrocolloid dressing

Telfa wound dressing

Tenderwrap Unna boot bandage

TransCyte skin substitute

Transeal transparent wound dressing

Tricofix compressive dressing / wrap

Ultec Pro alginate hydrocolloid dressing

Uni-Solve adhesive remover

Unna-Flex compressive dressing / wrap

V.A.C. negative pressure wound therapy

Ventex wound dressing system

Viasorb wound composite dressing

Vigi-FOAM foam dressing

Wound Wash Saline wound cleanser

WoundTek's S.T.A.R. closure device

XCell antimicrobial wound dressing (XCell AM)