Medical Abbreviation List for Medical Transcriptionists

 A&O  alert and oriented                                                                                                                   
 A&P  auscultation and percussion
 A&W  alive and well
 A&P  Assessment and Plan
 AA  Alcoholics Anonymous
 AAA  abdominal aortic aneurysm
 AAROM  active-assistive range of motion
 AB  abortion / abdominal / antibody    
 ABCD  asymmetry, border, color, diameter (occurs in dermatology files - describes melanoma)
 ABD  abdomen
 ABE  acute bacterial endocarditis
 ABF  aortobifemoral
 ABG  arterial blood gas (most common expansion)  / air-bone gap
 ABI  ankle-brachial index
 AC  acromioclavicular
 a.c.  before meals
 accel(s)  acceleration(s)
 ACE  angiotensin-converting enzyme  /  acute cerebral encephalopathy
 ACF  acute care facility
 ACL  anterior cruciate ligament
 ACLF  assisted care living facility
 ACLS  advanced cardiac life support
 ACS  acute coronary syndrome
 ad lib  as desired
 ADD  attention deficit disorder
 ADHD  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
 ADL  activities of daily living
 ADR adverse drug reaction / Adriamycin / acute dystonic reaction
 AFI  amniotic fluid index
 Afib (slang)  atrial fibrillation
 AFO  ankle-foot orthosis
 AFP  alpha fetoprotein
 AGA  appropriate for gestational age
 AICD  automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
 AIDS  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
 AKA  above-knee amputation
 AI  aortic insufficiency
 ALL  acute lymphocytic leukemia / acute lymphoblastic leukemia
 AMA  against medical advice
 acute myelogenous leukemia
 AS  aortic stenosis
 ATN  acute tubular necrosis
 AVR  aortic valve replacement
 BBB  bundle branch block
 BiPAP  bilevel positive airway pressure
 BKA  below-knee amputation
 BMI  body mass index
 BOOP bronchiolitis obliterans-organizing pneumonia
 BP  blood pressure
 BPH  benign prostatic hypertrophy / benign prostatic hyperplasia
 BSO  bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
 BSS  balanced salt solution
 C. diff  Clostridium difficile
 CABG (sounds "cabbage")  coronary artery bypass graft
 CAD  coronary artery disease
 cath  catheter / catheterization
 CBD  common bile duct
 CBI  continuous bladder irrigation
 CCE  clubbing, cyanosis, edema
 CCU  coronary care unit
 CHF  congestive heart failure
 CIC  clean intermittent catheterization
 CLL  chronic lymphocytic leukemia
 CML  chronic myelogenous leukemia
 CMT  cervical motion tenderness / Charcot-Marie-Tooth
 CMV  cytomegalovirus
 CNS  central nervous system
 C&S  culture and sensitivity
 COPD  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 CPAP  continuous positive airway pressure
 CPD  cephalopelvic disproportion
 CPM  continuous passive motion (device)  -  ortho, rehab files
 CPR  cardiopulmonary resuscitation
 CPS  Child Protective Services
 C section  cesarean section
 CSF  cerebrospinal fluid
 C-spine  cervical spine
 CTA   clear to auscultation
 CTAP  clear to auscultation and percussion
 CVA  cerebrovascular accident / costovertebral angle
 D&C  dilatation and curettage / dilation and curettage
 DC  discharge OR discontinue
 DCIS  ductal carcinoma in situ
 DDD  degenerative disk disease
 DIC  disseminated intravascular coagulopathy
 DIP  distal interphalangeal (joint)
 DJD  degenerative joint disease
 DKA  diabetic ketoacidosis
 DM  diabetes mellitus
 DME durable medical equipment / director of medical education / degenerative myoclonus epilepsy
 DNI  do not intubate
 DNR  do not resuscitate / DO NOT RESUSCITATE
 DRE  digital rectal exam
 DTR  deep tendon reflex
 DT / DTs  delirium tremens
 DVT  deep vein thrombosis  / deep venous thrombosis
 EBL  estimated blood loss
 EBRT  external beam radiation therapy
 EBV  Epstein-Barr virus
 ECA  external carotid artery
 ECT  electroconvulsive therapy
 EDC  estimated date of confinement / estimated date of conception
 EF  ejection fraction
 EGA  estimated gestational age
 EGBUS  external genitalia, Bartholin, urethral and Skene (glands)
 EGD  esophagogastroduodenoscopy
 EGJ  esophagogastric junction
 EHL  extensor hallucis longus
 EKG  electrocardiogram
 EMG  electromyogram
 EMS  emergency medical services
 EMT  emergency medical technician
 ENT   ears, nose, throat
 EOM  extraocular movement  /  extraocular muscle
 EOMI  extraocular movements intact   /   extraocular muscles intact
 EOMS  extraocular movements  /  extraocular muscles
 EPS  electrophysiologic study
 ER  emergency room
 ERCP  endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
 ESR  erythrocyte sedimentation rate
 ESRD  end-stage renal disease
 ESWL  extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
 ET  endotracheal tube
 ETOH  ethanol
 FBS  fasting blood sugar
 FEV1  forced expiratory volume in one second
 FFP  fresh frozen plasma
 FNA  fine needle aspiration
 GAD  generalized anxiety disorder
 GBS  group B strep / - group B streptococcus
 GC  gonorrhea
 GCS  Glasgow coma scale
 GERD  gastroesophageal reflux disease
 GTT  glucose tolerance test
 G-tube  gastrostomy tube
 GU  genitourinary
 GYN  gynecology
 H&H  hemoglobin and hematocrit
 H&P  history and physical
 HBO  hyperbaric oxygen
 HCG  human chorionic gonadotropin
 HCT  hematocrit
 HCTZ  hydrochlorothiazide
 HEENT  head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
 HEME/ONC  hematology/oncology
 HGB / Hgb  hemoglobin
 HIV  human immunodeficiency virus
 HNP  herniated nucleus pulposus
 HPI  history of present illness
 HPV  human papilloma virus
 HR  heart rate   /   hallux rigidus   /  Harrington rod
 HRT  hormone replacement therapy
 HSM  hepatosplenomegaly
 HSV  herpes simplex virus
 HTN  hypertension
 I&D  incision and drainage / irrigation and debridement
 I&O  in and out   /   input and output  /  intake and output
 IBD  inflammatory bowel disease  /  irritable bowel disease
 IBS  irritable bowel syndrome
 ICD  implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
 ICP  intracranial pressure
 ICU  intensive care unit
 ID  infectious disease
 IDA  iron-deficiency anemia
 IDC  idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy  /   infiltrating ductal carcinoma
 IDD  insulin-dependent diabetes
 IDDM  insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
 ILD  interstitial lung disease
 IM  intramedullary / intramuscular
 IMF intermaxillary fixation / idiopathic myelofibrosis / inframammary fold   
 IOL  intraocular lens
 IOP  intraocular pressure
 IP  interphalangeal
 IT  iliotibial    
 ITP  idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura 
 IUD  intrauterine device
 IUP  intrauterine pregnancy
 IV  intravenous
 IVC  inferior vena cava
 IVP  intravenous pyelogram
 IVUS intravascular ultrasound
 JP  Jackson-Pratt  /  as in JP drain or  Jackson-Pratt drain
 JVD  jugular venous distention
 JVP  jugular venous pressure
 KUB  kidneys, ureters, bladder
 L&D  labor and delivery
 LAD  left anterior descending / left axis deviation
 LBBB  left bundle branch block
 LFT  liver function test
 LIMA  left internal mammary artery
 LLQ  left lower quadrant
 LMA  laryngeal mask airway
 LMP  last menstrual period
 LP  lumbar puncture
 LR  lactated Ringer
 LS  lumbrosacral
 L-spine  lumbar spine
 LV  left ventricle / left ventricular
 LVEDP  left ventricular end-diastolic pressure
 LVH  left ventricular hypertrophy
 lytes (slang)  electrolytes
 MAC  monitored anesthesia care
 MAR  medication administration record
 MCL  medial collateral ligament
 MCP  metacarpophalangeal
 MDI  metered-dose inhaler
 MI  myocardial infarction
 MOM  milk of magnesia
 MR  mitral regurgitation
 MRSA  (sounds "MERSA")  methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
 MS  mitral stenosis / morphine sulfate /  multiple sclerosis
 MSSA  methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
 MTP  metatarsophalangeal (joint)
 MVR  mitral valve replacement
 NAD  no apparent (acute) distress
 NG tube  nasogastric tube
 NICU  neonatal intensive care unit
 NIDDM  non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
 NKDA  no known drug allergies
 NOS  not otherwise specified
 n.p.o.  nothing by mouth
 NSAID  nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
 NSR  normal sinus rhythm
 NSVD  normal spontaneous vaginal delivery
 NYHA  New York Heart Association
 O&P  ova and parasites (dictated in stool exam results)
 OA  osteoarthritis / occiput anterior
 OB  obstetrics
 OCD  obsessive-compulsive disorder
 OD  right eye
 OR  operating room
 ORIF  open reduction and internal fixation
 OSA  obstructive sleep apnea
 OT  occupational therapy
 OTC  over the counter
 OU  both eyes
 PACU  postanesthesia care unit
 PAF paroxysmal atrial fibrillation / platelet-activating factor / pollen adherence factor
 PCA  patient-controlled analgesia
 PCI  percutaneous coronary intervention
 PCL  posterior cruciate ligament
 PCP  primary care physician
 PDA  posterior descending artery  /  patent ductus arteriosus
 PE  physical examination
 PE  pulmonary embolism (or embolus)
 PEG  percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
 PERRLA  pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation
 PFO  patent foramen ovale
 PFT  pulmonary function test 
 PICC  peripherally inserted central catheter
 PID  pelvic inflammatory disease
 PIP  proximal interphalangeal
 PMD  primary/private medical doctor
 PMH  past medical history
 PMI  point of maximal impulse
 PND  paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
 PPI  proton pump inhibitor
 PRBCs  packed red blood cells
 protime  prothrombin time
 PSA  prostate-specific antigen
 PT  physical therapy  /  posterior tibial  /   prothrombin time
 PTCA  percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
 PTSD  post-traumatic stress disorder
 PUBS  percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling / perforations, ulcers, and bleeds 
 PVC  premature ventricular contraction
 PVD  peripheral vascular disease
 PVR  postvoid residual
 R/O  rule out
 RA  rheumatoid arthritis
 RBBB  right bundle branch block
 RCA  right coronary artery
 RDI  respiratory disturbance index
 RDS  respiratory distress syndrome
 ROM  range of motion   /   rupture of membranes
 ROMI  rule out myocardial infarction
 ROS  review of systems
 RR  respiratory rate
 RRR  regular rate and rhythm
 RSD  reflex sympathetic dystrophy
 RSV  respiratory syncytial virus
 RV  right ventricle
 RVR  rapid ventricular response
 S/P  status post
 SBE  subacute bacterial endocarditis  /  self-breast examination
 SCD  sequential compression device
 SFA  superficial femoral artery
 SI  sacroiliac (joint)
 SIDS  sudden infant death syndrome
 SLE  systemic lupus erythematosus   /  slit-lamp exam
 SLR  straight leg raise
 SNF  skilled nursing facility
 SPEP  serum protein electrophoresis
 subcu /subq  subcutaneous or subcutaneously
 SSEPs  somatosensory evoked potential
 SSI  sliding scale insulin
 SSRI  selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
 STD  sexually transmitted disease
 SVC  superior vena cava
 SVG  saphenous vein graft
 T&A  tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
 TAH  total abdominal hysterectomy
 TAHBSO  total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
 TCC  transitional cell cancer
 TEE  transesophageal echocardiography
 TFCC  triangular fibrocartilage complex
 THA  total hip arthroplasty
 THR  total hip replacement
 TIA  transient ischemic attack
 tib-fib  tibia and fibula
 TIPS  transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt
 TKA  total knee arthroplasty
 TKR  total knee replacement
 TLIF  transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion
 TM  tympanic membrane
 TMJ  temporomandibular joint
 TPN  total parenteral nutrition
 TR  tricuspid regurgitation
 T-spine  thoracic spine
 TURP  transurethral resection of the prostate
 UA  urinalysis
 UPEP  urine protein electrophoresis
 UPJ  ureteropelvic junction
 UPPP  uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
 URI  upper respiratory infection
 UTI  urinary tract infection
 UVJ  ureterovesical junction
 VBAC  vaginal birth after cesarean section
 VCUG  voiding cystourethrogram
 VF  ventricular fibrillation
 VSD  ventriculoseptal defect
 VT  ventricular tachycardia
 VTA  vascular targeting agent / ventral tegmental area
 WDWN  well developed, well nourished