Medical Student Alliance

Our purpose in creating this site is to provide information to spouses and significant others of students and prospective students at the University of Utah School of Medicine. We know how difficult it can be to find what you're looking for in a new city so we hope to provide those answers here!

About MSA

The Medical Student Alliance (MSA) is a group of spouses/significant others of University of Utah Medical School students. We are a chapter of the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA), an organization for physicians’ spouses. We support the primary goals of the AMAA:

  1. to assist the American Medical Association in programs that improve the health and quality of life for all people,


  2. to promote health education,


  3. to encourage volunteerism in activities that meet health needs, and


  4. to support health-related charitable endeavors.

(from Left to Right):  Top Row: Rachel Holman, Jeni Rassmussen, Michelle Brownell, Natalie Demill, Megan Warren, Annette Brown, Melissa Burrow, Sarah Buchanan, Julie Randall.  Bottom Row: Melanie Hill, Michelle Schmidt, Laurel Brennan, Staci Thacker, Seidi Bennett, Sami Jones, Jennifer Sunseri.
Meet the Board
President        Seidi Bennett
Vice-President        Jessica Jackson
President-Elect        Natalie DeMill
Treasurer/VP-Elect        Melinda Frandsen
Fundraising        Chelsea Lorimer
Publicity/Membership        Melanie Hill
4th Year Rep/Medical Marriages        Annette Brown
3rd Year Rep        Michelle Schmidt
2nd Year Rep        Elizabeth Pratt
1st Year Rep        Michelle Chestnut
Legislation        Megan Warren
Health Promotions        Camie Martin
Festival of Trees        Heather Kennington
Social Events        Erica Wilkinson
Special Interest Events        Melissa Smith
Service Co-Chair        Laurel Brennan
Service Co-Chair        Melissa Burrow
Play Group        Sami Jones
Book/Cooking Club        Melissa Stringham
Newsletter        Lindsey Caldwell
Web-Master        Niki Brimhall
Doctor of the Year        Kate Stoker

MSA Board Luncheon 2009
MSA Board

MSA Opening Social

Opening Social 2009

Festival of Trees