Fitness And Insurance Premiums

People in the U.S.A are getting more obese according to the Trust For Americans Health fourth annual obesity report. The report states that in the past year, two thirds of adults are overweight or obese, with obesity rates going up in thirty one states, and no states with obesity rates going down and in thirty two states sixty percent of the population is overweight or obese.

Overweight and diseases linked to obesity along with insurance premiums and the number of uninsured Americans is also going up. Heart disease ( number 1 killer in America ),diabetes and cancer are preventable obesity related diseases.

Forty seven million people have no insurance, 2.2 million more than last year, with health insurance coverage up 87% since 2000 according to AARP.

Many of the uninsured and people with medical insurance coverage can take measures to help prevent visits to the doctors office or possible life threatening diseases by simply eating nutritional foods and maintaining weight control while strengthening the main muscle (heart) with regular exercise or physical activity.

Preexisting ailments can determine your health insurance premiums and you could even be declined. High premiums and deductibles will put a financial burden on most people especially if the disease becomes chronic. The rise in the number of obesity related diseases is also causing health insurance companies to pass the cost along to everyone.

Obese children rates are now at epidemic levels with one in five being overweight or obese. Corporate junk food advertising and busy parents not monitoring their kids physical daily activities and nutritional intake is having an overwhelming negative effect on their lives and chances of leading a good healthy existence into their young adult lives. Kids are growing up and dying of heart disease before they reach forty years old.

If everyone would take responsibility for their families wellness and start living by new healthy diets and physically active rules, it would be just like taking out an extra insurance policy free of charge.

No matter your age or body type, if you are involved in a career or inactive lifestyle, you are prime candidates for obesity and sedentary related diseases. Eliminating foods from your diet that contain saturated fats such as ice cream, cookies, cakes and an over abundance of deliciously deadly junk foods will have a major impact on you and your families well being. Eat everything in moderation and be more selective in your eating habits.

According to the prominent World Health Organization, evidence is beginning to reveal that you are at a much higher risk of acquiring a chronic disease as your average body mass index (BMI) increases over 21. They also claim if your (BMI) is 25 or more you are considered overweight and over 30 you are obese. You can calculate your own (BMI) by dividing the square of a persons height (in meters) by his or her weight (in kilograms). Heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer are contributed to a high body max index.

Television is one of biggest factors facing inactive persons. So many hours are spent sitting and snacking in front of the TV everyday, becoming overweight and lethargic is the result. Turn part of your tube time into workout time with some jumping jacks, aerobics, or any rousing heart pumping routines you like while you enjoy your program.

With employers passing more and more of the financial responsibilities onto their employees medical plans, the rise in health insurance, and the greater risks of illness due to obesity, taking steps to help stop the possibility of chronic and life threatening diseases only makes sense. Making some simple life changing choices can help you and your family ward off devastating health and financial problems in the future.

How you run your life will determine the wellness of you and your family. Start a quality nutrition and fitness program and apply it forever.