Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Institute

National Center for Research

P.O. Box: 2404, Khartoum, Sudan

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 Mission Statement:

The Medical Biochemistry Department (MBD) is a preclinical, basic biochemistry research division of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Institute.

The research of the MBD aims to discover potential drug candidates for various diseases with special emphasis on the endemic diseases in Sudan such as diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis, trypanosomiasis and some other infective diseases.


Our Research:

The research activities of MBD fall into 3 major areas: (1) enzymology and enzyme inhibition research; (2) antioxidant discovery research; (3) structural computational chemistry research. For more information please click here.



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5th National Training Course on Computational Chemistry  Click here .. for more information

Downloads: MBD Bruchure 2009 (pdf)