Liver Pain?

What Does That Mean?         Cindy Judd, Basic Author

The liver doesn’t usually trigger pain signals, but if you do have Liver Pain or Tenderness, it may be a symptom of:

      •  Steatosis or Fatty Liver: commonly caused by chronic alcoholism, drug toxicity, or pregnancy.
      • Dubin-Johnson Syndrome: A chronic mild jaundice caused by a rare inherited condition.
      • Leukemia: Cancer of the blood cells.
      • Liver abscess: Pus in the liver.
      • Mononucleosis: A common infectious viral disease
      •  Schistosomiasis: caused by parasitic worms, also known as bilharzia (bill-HAR-zi-a)

    The cause of Liver Pain may be more easily identified by identifying other symptoms, such as fatigue, itching, swollen testes, difficulties breathing, eating problems, or even shoulder pain.


    But whatever the cause, Artichoke and Sarsaparillahave been used to normalize liver and gall bladder function in clinical settings for over 20 years.  Drinking PiMag-Water, a purified NSF certified water with minerals added to balance ph, is recommended because of its cleansing ability to flush toxins out of the body while being gentle on the kidneys.


    Two very interesting double-blind studies published on Hi Beam Encyclopedia1 were done on a combination of artichoke bud and sarsaparilla extract found in Bio-Directed Liver Support.


    Documentation was done July 3, 1996 and December 12, 1998 proving this combination of artichoke bud and sarsaparilla extract had a positive effect on cirrhosis of the liver.  The combination of artichoke bud and sarsaparilla extract composes an entirely unique complex of phytochemicals extracted from the bud of a hybrid artichoke plant and the root of the sarsaparilla plant. It has been proven through studies to detoxify and cleanse the liver, "normalizing liver metabolism and preventing further liver damage due to internal and external toxins like alcohol, cigarettes and environmental poisons".2


    In a copywrited article published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Date: 12/1/2002, by author: Dr. CharlesCochran,Artichoke Bud/Sarsaparilla Root Extract (ASE) , two very impressive studies confirm the effectiveness of Bio-Directed Liver Support as a liver cleanse and detoxifier, and actually decreased liver damage in as few as 30 to 90 days.

    The July 3, 1996 study was accomplished over a short fifteen-day period, documenting that the patients taking The Liver Support had an 89.41% reduction in hemorrhages and 83.45% decrease in the incidence of weakness!  And a test of clotting time made by determining the time for clotting to occur after thromboplastin and calcium are added to decalcified plasma. There was 30.82% reduction in prothrombin time for Liver Support patients, whereas the placebo group's time increased 1.25%. This is very important data, because it means that Liver Support helps the healing of wounds faster.

    In December 12, 1998, a 30-day study showed the group given the Liver Support, experienced a 93.33% reduction in enlarged livers. (In the placebo group their livers continued to enlarge by another 7.14%) and a 73.64% increase in their strength and 100% decrease in capillary hemorrhaging in the skin, gums, and nasal membranes. (The placebo group noted an increase of 28.57% in hemorrhaging.)!!


    Another double-blind study of sixty people with alcohol-related diseases (damaged livers), 70% had normalized their liver enzymes after only 30 days’ usage of our Liver Formula in therapeutic doses (3 capsules twice each day). 


    Ted Aloisio is a certified Nutritionist and Live Cell Microscopist and author of Blood Never Lies. He is the Director of Veritas Health Institute in Toronto. Although Ted Aloisio is not connected with Nikken, 80% of what he uses comes from Nikken.  Ted says he has never seen Bio-Directed Liver  not improve the condition of the blood.

    If you have  Liver Damage, Liver Support can help. Try it for yourself.              

    Swollen Liver              Fatty Liver               

    Enlarged Liver            Liver Abscess

        Alcohol-Related Liver Damage                  

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    Barbara's Story:   I was sick all my life, especially after I was seven whenI had a sled accident and lost my spleen due to rupture. I was sick all the time after that. Of course, as I got older the sicker I became. Doctors had me on all kinds of medicines off and on even though they never correctly diagnosed me.

    Finally, 3 1/2 years ago I had a liver biopsy, diagnosis: autoimmune hepatitis. ...I refused medication and got on the Liver Support immediately, slept on a sleep system, wore the long johns, insoles and socks to bed every night along with the back belt with the back flex on my liver area and when the water came out, used PiMag Water

    Filtration System and now the Optimizer along with Immunity and Antioxidant. 5 months after taking the Liver Support, being on the sleep system, and sleeping with the long johns, socks and insoles, my liver levels were normal. To this day, I am not on medicine and I am not on the liver transplant list.

    Do I have challenges, yes, but they are workable ...Unfortunately, my liver specialist wasn't a big fan of me using natural methods of treatment, but I told him I was going to do it anyway.


    Jack & Kathy Shields - Arizonia

    I have had remarkable results for my Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis of the Liver. My skin was gray and I was really going down hill. The PiMag water has really made a difference, plus I take the Liver Support .


    FromSally Santeford

    My cousin with Chrons was taking majorly bad drugs and her liver was near failing. After she started drinking the PiWater, taking liver support and JGZ, her liver function tests are at the low end of normal - a huge jump!


    I have a friend who began taking the Kenzen Josei Pak and Liver Support in November, 2004. She has Hepatitis C and on August 30, 2004 her liver enzymes were 90 (AST) and 128 (ALT). On May 20, 2005 her liver enzymes were 77 (AST) and 99 (ALT) and on September 19, 2005 they were 73 (AST) and 80 (ALT). The only thing she has done different was to add the Kenzen Josei and Liver Support. She is on a very limited budget but the results she is getting speak for themselves! She is ecstatic and says her energy level has increased dramatically.           Sandi