The Wellness Connection
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Cindy Judd, Owner
Gunnison, UT
TreeSap Enterprises
  A Research Specialist and Independent Wellness Consultant, I have had 35 years xperience in the health and wellness field, researching and observing traditional and natural medicine. My specialty is arthritis, liver problems, autoimmune, sleep problems, irritable bowel syndrome related disorders, children's health, and brain function.  As an avid conservative environmentalist, I believe in the need for recycling, cleaning up the air and our water supply, developing cleaner and more efficient fuel sources and becoming well informed and the power of one. 

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Hi, my name is Cindy,

I am an Independent Wellness Consultant with over 30 years of experience analyzing and evaluating life stories of my friends and family and their health.  My oldest daughter had bladder infections, strep infections, headaches and fatigue from the time she was a baby. My son had childhood depression, a potassium deficiency, sinus, stomach, and joint problems.  I have watched friends and neighbors with liver dysfunction, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.  My husband is the picture of health, ...and always has been that way.  He rarely gets sick and has plenty of energy without requiring more than 7 hrs of sleep.

 When I was 20, I was diagnoses with a gluten intolerance which nearly killed me.  I have read and studied and gone to doctors, chiropractors and dietitians. Much of what I know has come from study, research, and trial and error.  I am a student of too many doctors and other professionals to mention.

 The one thing I have found out through all of this is that YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH.  DON’T GIVE THAT CONTROL AWAY TO ANYONE.  Too many of my friends and family have ended up victims of doctors or hospitals, addicted to prescription drugs, or dying from the side effects.  And the alternative methods have not been the answer either, if you want a full and normal life.  Life is eating.  It is chocolate, candy and ice cream.  It is steak and hamburgers and chicken.  So what do we do?  What can we do? 

I found a way.... 

I went from looking like this:  




 To looking like this! 

 I learned you have to Learn to Listen To Your Own Body.  Read, study and keep current on new medical advancements. Do the best you can, eat the best you can, and go to the doctor when you need to and integrate complimentary medicine with your traditional treatment.

When I got breast cancer a couple of years ago, I was encouraged to learn all I could, and do all I could to help myself.  The list of doctors I went to included: a general practitioner, a surgeon, a radiologist, an oncologist, a support group (for emotional health), a cardiologist, and lab technicians, all of these to monitor and watch out for me.  My oncologist was the one that told me, that years ago the medical profession thought they were doing a good job treating cancer, ...until they went back and evaluate survivors.  It was then they found they had a long long way to go to be successful in treating cancer. Cancer survivors were left with almost no quality of life.  Since that time, medical researchers and providers have gone to great lengths to learn and develop better ways to restore health along with killing the cancer. They have come to realized the importance of whole foods and herbs in building back the immune system. In my case, all my medical doctors agreed it was only smart to include good nutrition as part of achieving over-all, quality health before, during and after chemotherapy. 

I take Nikken Kenzen and Bio-Directed whole food supplements. All Nikken supplements are Pharmaceutical Grade.  But, good health does not stop there. We need clean air to breath and water to drink, exercise more, and get a good, restful sleep. Nikken has technology for all of these areas that are certified and proven through double blind placebo studies with over 6,000 medical professionals using and recommending them.  These products have been organized to create a Wellness environment: a place to relax, rejuvenate and renew.

 I now live in a Wellness Home.  It is much easier to create than you might think.  Wellness is a way to live and enjoy modern day living, while still maintaining your health.

 I love my Wellness Home.


Contact me today and lets talk.  I won't tell you what you need to do. But  MAYBE ...there is something You CAN do for YOU.            435-528-7081

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