Complain / Complement

Be a 'Media Watcher'

1.    Voicing your opinions about media content is very much important. Feedback from public ensures the much-needed two-way communication between media and citizenry which is vital for better and responsible media.

So, as a first step, write your comments/compliments to the respective media units.

(e.g., to Newspaper Editors, TV Channels etc.)

2.    In case of objectionable content in media or any other violations of media law, complain to the relevant regulatory/government authorities. 

Bring the same to the knowledge of MWI for information and further follow up.

3.    If you are not able to complain or take up an issue on your own, bring it to the notice 

of MWI by post/fax/e-mail/Phone/SMS so that initiative can be taken up on behalf of organization.

4.    To acquaint yourself with important provisions of Media Law, CLICK HERE.

5. For information and contact details of 

Media, Government & Regulatory authorities, CLICK HERE.