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మీడియా వాచ్-ఇండియా - పరిచయ పత్రం

            ‘MediaWatch-India’ is a peoples’ organization, campaigning for decency and accountability in the media. Formed on October 2nd, 2007 (coinciding with 138th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi), it strives towards a socially responsible media, sensitive to public opinion, decency and good taste.  It is an independent social effort with no political or religious affiliations and all like-minded persons and organizations are welcome to join. The organisation is registered  (No. 884 / 2008) under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001. 

             ‘MediaWatch-India’ has the highest regard for freedom of expression and firmly believes in a free and independent media. However, given the present context of fierce competition and commercialization, it strives to make media exercise its freedom with a sense of social responsibility so that the public are not always at the receiving end. The guiding principle is that the freedom of press is not primarily for the commercial benefit of media houses but for serving the public interest. ‘MediaWatch-India’ endeavours to establish a reputation for itself that it stands for principled protest, informed comment and reliable research on various media-related issues.

* Aims and Activities:

               1. Campaigning for ‘decency’ and ‘accountability’ in the media and to strive towards a socially responsible media, sensitive to public opinion,

 decency and good taste.       


               2. Acting as a platform and interface for the viewers, readers and general public to voice their complements/complaints about the ‘content’ and

 ‘quality’ of media.  


               3. To acknowledge, appreciate and encourage the positive contribution of media on various fronts.


               4. Ensuring wide public participation in various media-related matters that have a direct bearing on the people at large. 


               5. To work towards effective implementation of relevant national and regional laws to ensure decency and accountability in media.       


               6. Evolving consensus on various media-related issues by involving social scientists, media representatives, Legislators, government, 

                    intelligentsia etc. and thus making praise or criticism on media broad based and representative.         


               7. To watch and to act as to the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution is not abused or misused by the media and whether the 

                   content and presentation in the media is in line with the accepted norms of journalistic ethics.        


               8. Networking similar and like-minded organizations at home and abroad.                   

               9. To undertake and promote studies and research on the impact of media on society.            


             10. To organize seminars, discussions, legal awareness camps etc. to sensitise the citizenry on various media issues.  


* The Team Behind:



Sri Prakash Singh,

IPS (Retd.), Formerly DG, BSF, DGP (UP & Assam)



Sri Edara Gopi Chand,

Gandhian & Social Activist

General Secretary

Sri CVL Narasimha Rao,

Advocate & Film Artiste



* You can reach us at:


Secretary, 'MediaWatch-India', 

# 11-7-17, Navodaya Nagar,

Narasaraopet - 522601.

Guntur Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.

e-mail: mediawatchindia123@gmail.com