'MediaWatch-India' welcomes all those who want 'decency' and 'accountability' in the present-day media. The vast array of media content is bewildering and increasingly beyond reasonable regulation. From excessive portrayal of violence and vulgarity to sensationalism, fake stings, reverse stings, paid news, telecasts affecting 
individual privacy, 
national security etc. - media's growing impact is too evident to ignore.
It is in this context that, 'MediaWatch-India', an independent voluntary organisation, has been formed on October 2nd, 2007 (coinciding with 138th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) with the avowed aim of promoting 'decency' and 'accountability' in the media. The focus is on mainstream media i.e., Television, Cinema, Print media, internet etc. and the organization works towards a 'socially responsible' media, sensitive to the public opinion, decency and good taste.
'MediaWatch-India' has the highest regard for freedom of expression and firmly believes in a free and independent media. However, given the present context of fierce competition and commercialization, it only strives to make media 'temper' its freedom with 'social responsibility', so that the public are not always at the receiving end.
All this is proposed to be done by working towards effective implementation of various media-related laws and campaigning for key reforms in the media sector that impact public at large. MWI strives to evolve consensus on various media-related issues by involving social scientists, media representatives, legislators, intelligentsia and most importantly, the 'viewer-citizens' themselves.
You are welcome to join as member by sending your details such as Name, Occupation, Postal Address, Phone No. and e-mail ID etc. to:

The Secretary, 'MediaWatch-India',

# 11-7-17, Navodaya Nagar,

Narasaraopet - 522601.

Guntur Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.

e-mail: mediawatchindia123@gmail.com

Phone: +91 8500005263 (SMS only)


 Please send your valuable opinions, suggestions and feedback. 'MediaWatch-India' is a peoples' effort and it needs your moral and monetary support for its success.


What You can do as

'Media Watcher'
1. As the first step, Write your comments/compliments/complaints to the respective media units (To Newspaper Editors, TV Channels etc.). Voicing of one's opinions is the most important thing for the success of this public forum. 
2. Forward the same to 'MediaWatch-India' for information and any further follow-up.
3. In case of objectionable content in media or any violations of media law (and if you have got enough interest), Complain to the relevant authorities - Police/Revenue Admn./Regulatory bodies etc. or else, bring it to the notice of 'MediaWatch-India' so that initiative can be taken up on behalf of orgn.
4. Popularise the concept and activities of 'MediaWatch-India' among your friends, relatives etc. so that like-minded forces join together for a good cause.
5. Provide monetary support in the form of subscriptions, donations etc. for the activities of 'MediaWatch-India'.
6. You can devote a small amount of your spare time to promote the activities of 'MediaWatch-India'.