Serving the citizens of Muskegon, Mason, Manistee & Oceana Counties, Mediation & Restorative Services provides an alternative for the resolution of disputes and reconciliation of disputing parties; enhance public safety and accountability by supporting victims, build competencies of offenders and promote reconciliation between victims, offenders, families and the community.

The Center believes that individuals involved in disputes should not be treated strictly as adversaries, but as members of a community that, once fractured, need to be brought together.  

The Center, through a confidential process: 

  • Guides mediation, a constructive discussion about a dispute. When the parties resolve the problem to their own satisfaction, everyone wins
  • Allows individuals to learn the impact of their actions and take direct responsibility
  • Develops a mutually acceptable plan to restore the situation back to its original state, as much as possible
  • Strengthens community safety
  • Supports the healing process of victims by providing a safe, controlled setting to meet with the offender
  • Promotes positive skill development of all participants

As stated by the Honorable Neil G. Mullally, “When you see the power of restorative justice for the victim, the community, and the offender, you are compelled to adopt that approach to justice”.

For more information please email us at: info@mediatewestmichigan.com




                                        Celebrating 20 years of
               Resolving Conflicts, Building Unity, Restoring Justice