Day 1 Agenda

Registration and Breakfast - 

Introduction - 9:00am
Nicholas Whitaker, Google for Media

Welcome from Partners - 9:10am
Online News Association
Society of Professional Journalists 
National Association of Hispanic Journalists 
Asian American Journalists Association 
National Association of Black Journalists 
International Center for Journalists 

Opening Remarks - 9:20am
Daniel Sieberg, Head of Outreach, Google for Media

Keynote - 9:30am
Navigating Digital
Joe Ruffolo, SVP, ABC News Digital at ABC News
Joe Ruffolo discusses how ABC News is transitioning from a traditional news gathering organization and into the digital age, and why ABC News is betting big on mobile.

Case Study Keynote  10:00am
James Robinson, Director, News Analytics, The New York Times

Ignite Talk - 10:30am
Callie Schweitzer, Director of Digital Innovation at TIME

Coffee Break - 10:50 am

Panel 11:05 am
The New York Times mobile products (Android, iOS and mobile apps) and NYT Now
Chrys Wu, Developer Advocate, The New York Times
Clifford J. Levy, Senior Editor, The New York Times
Brian Hamman, Executive Director of Technology, New Digital Products,
The New York Times
Ben French, Executive Director of Product, New Digital Products, The New York Times

Panel- 11:55 am
How should today's newsrooms push 
the limits of technology to better connect with audiences?
Daniel Sieberg, Head of Outreach, Google for Media
Anna Holmes, Editor of Digital Voices and Storytelling, Fusion
John Keefe Senior Editor, Data News & Journalism Technology, WNYC Radio
Lam Thuy Vo, Interactive Editor, Al Jazeera Media Network

Lunch: 12:25

WORKSHOPS – Round 1 - 12:40pm
Overview: Storytelling with Google Maps and Earth
Speaker: Vanessa Schneider, Geo Media Program Manager - Google
A map can be a great complement to the right story. Whether you're comparing local demographic data or displaying satellite imagery of an affected disaster area, a map can help your audience better understand a story. This workshop will provide an introduction to Google Maps Engine, Google Maps Street View, Google Earth and more — tools that can help you tell your story in a compelling and visual way. We'll also review several examples of how newsrooms around the world are already using Google's mapping tools.


Mobile Journalism
Speakers: Tim Pool and Nathan Grant from Vice
With the power of mobile tech, the average citizen can produce news content nearly as well as any mainstream professional. How can professional journalists and social editors better take advantage of mobile? Field cameras, microphones, even satellite trucks; all of this equipment can feasibly be replaced by the smartphone in your pocket. This workshop will delve into using mobile technology to its fullest potential, thereby unlocking the capability to bring new and more powerful news gathering methodology to the current news space.


Advanced Google Earth Tours for TV and Video
Speaker: Adam Hecht
For broadcast and video journalists, this advanced hands-on workshop will focus on creating and exporting Google Earth movies, as well as how to search for and import additional data and 3D models into Earth. You’ll leave this hour knowing how to build a dynamic, high-quality animation for television and video on  a deadline. Pre-requisite: Personal laptops are encouraged, and please have both Google Earth ( Google Chrome ( installed.

WORKSHOPS – Round 2 - 1:50pm
Attacks on Hacks, and How to Fight Back: What a modern journalist ought to know about security 
and freedom online
Speaker: Michael Aiello, Google
From phishing to firewalls, DDoS to DMCA, Heartbleed to HTTPS, it's a tense and confusing time online at the intersection of journalism, security, and freedom. We'll take a global look at the different ways 
attackers — state-sponsored or otherwise — can use to see what someone's up to online; how governments and other powerful entities block and take down information posted online; and how you can use Google tools and a few easy techniques to keep yourself and your sources a whole lot safer, no matter your beat.


Hands-on: Cleaning messy data with OpenRefine
Speaker: Vanessa Schneider, Geo Media Program Manager - Google
Reduce the time you spend on data management with OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine), a power tool for working with messy data. In this interactive session, we'll show you how to import data into Refine, clean that data, and export it for use in other spreadsheet and visualization tools. Pre-requisite: Personal laptops required. Download OpenRefine before the session at


Google Politics and Elections: Helping citizens, journalists & voters find all the electoral information they need.
Speaker: Kate Sokolov
Interested in the products that powered 23 million voter information queries on 40,000 US political candidates and 153,00 polling places in 2012? The Google Politics & Elections team develops tools and resources to make civic information universally accessible and useful, help drive more informed citizen participation, and open up new avenues of engagement
for politicians, journalists, citizens, and civic leaders around the world. We'll discuss Google’s Elections product team, the different tools available, and how they can help tell data-driven elections stories.

WORKSHOPS – Round 3 - 3:00pm
Hands-on: Creating custom maps with Google Fusion Tables
Speaker: Vanessa Schneider, Geo Media Program Manager - Google
Looking to tell a visual story with your data? In this interactive workshop, we’ll teach you how to get started with Google Fusion Tables, a tool that lets you host, visualize and publish your data as maps. The session will start with a brief overview of Fusion Tables, as well as related tools, then we’ll dive into some hands-on examples to get you familiar with how easily your data can be turned into a visualization with impact. Pre-requisite: Personal laptops required, and please create a Google account before this session (you’ll need it for the exercises):


Negotiating Visualization Tools
Speaker: Jeff Ferzoco
Part of making good information design quickly is knowing when to choose one tool over another. Is Fusion Tables or CartoDB the better option? D3.js or Processing? Not every tool is fit for every job and that decision process is important. In this workshop we will look at a few case studies when choosing tools, then open data sets, making choices together on how to approach it.
Prerequisite: Bring a laptop and a data set you’d like to explore in CSV format.


Brand You: Marketing Yourself and Your Content
Speaker: LaToya Drake
You've thoroughly researched and written a great story, now what? The moment you post your story is when the true work begins. We'll tell you how to find your voice, build your public presence and better engage with your readers. You’ll walk away with a view of PR and social tools at your disposal, along with tips and tricks you can put into action NOW.

WORKSHOPS – Round 4 - 4:10pm 
A Deeper Dive into Google Search & Google Trends: Tip, tricks, and beyond
Speaker: Roya Soleimani, Communications Manager on the Global Communications and Public Affairs - Google
Going beyond the little white box we've come to use every day, this session will share tips and tricks to help you become a better Google searcher. We'll also show you how to use Google Trends, a tool that lets you dive into search data to gain useful insights about what the world wants to know. 


Google Play Newsstand and Google News
Speaker: Meredith Hitchcock
We'll cover two platforms that Google offers to help publishers expand their distribution to millions of users on desktop and mobile: Google News and Google Play Newsstand. Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests. We'll discuss how it works, how it has evolved over more than a decade, and how publishers can use specific features that were built with news organizations in mind. Google Play Newsstand is a recently released app for Android users that brings together your favorite news sources and magazines in one customizable mobile reading experience. We'll discuss how this new experience was designed for the modern mobile user and how publishers can get the most out of distributing their content on this new platform.

Overview: Google's tools for disaster coverage
Speaker: Vanessa Schneider, Geo Media Program Manager - Google
Learn about the work of the Google Crisis Response team and how you can use the tools they’ve developed to aid in your natural disaster coverage. Tools we’ll cover include Person Finder, Public Alerts and the Crisis Map — all open source and free for media use.


RECEPTION - 5:30-7:30