Week 1

Jan 10 - 17, 2016

This week, we will meet one another and discuss the power of emotions in teaching and learning. Participants will: 
  • Become familiar with our Google+ Community 
  • Introduce themselves on our Google+ Community page 
  • Engage and use online media
  • Reflect on online media and how emotions might impact  teaching and learning 
  • Post their response to online media and share comments that have come through technical and human engagement 
  • Attend a Google Hangout on Air

1. Join the session Google+ Community. (5 minutes) 
After sending a request to join the Google+ Community, a moderator will have to accept your request. Please be patient. 

2. Introduce yourself. (20 minutes) 
Introduce yourself in terms of media resources and emotions. Consider including information about what technology you prefer and reflect on your emotional responses to teaching and/or learning with technology. Take a moment to read and comment on the posts of others. 

3. Complete the poll. (15 minutes) 

4. Predict how emotions can support your involvement with this session. (5-10 minutes)
Post your prediction on the Google+ Community.