Trying to understand what human psychology is at various historical stages, there have been various attempts to determine the subject of research. The definition of a concept, point of view and features changed in the development of general science, as well as from the context in which psychological direction the subject stood out. Unlike more standard disciplines, each psychological direction has its own interpretation for study. Even now, a classical understanding of the subject has not been formed, there is only a general direction, but each of the directions can add its own details and understanding.

What is human psychology? Initially (even in philosophical understanding, when psychology was not a separate science), the soul was considered the subject of study and observation, after the description of the soul seemed to scientists quite blurred and inaccurate, the subject was narrowed down to consciousness and its phenomena. The subject was the direct experience, behavior, functions of adaptation, attention was paid to unconscious processes, and in other features of the processing of information and images. The modern concept is inclined to select as an object the existential given, the deep meaning and problems of the existence of mankind, as the basis that forms all further processes.статья_где_отдохнуть/города_каталонии_балагер_и_его/замок_ремей_и_его_винные_погреба_all_andorra/замки_каталонии_монтклар/монтсонис_первый_в_испании_частный_замок/монтсонис_первый_в_испании_частный_замок/замки_каталонии_рибельес_all_andorra_политика/замки_каталонии_кардона_all_andorra_политика/замки_франции_оржей_на_озере_кампулейль_all/,14377.0.html!Aq5pbiXUltHFsRghO418IxY4yiUL\сольсона-шествия-гигантов-и-родина-франсиско-рибальта-rybalchenko/?published=t!topic/all-andorra/M4Izi7cYLe8замки-и-крепости-испании;area=forumprofile;u=331896Герб_на_АндораÉglise_catholique_en_AndorreådetådetМарія_Убах_Фонтó_és_la_construcció/туризм-в-европе-андорра-туристически/énées_catalogne_france_all/énées_catalogne_all/énées_catalogne_all/énées_catalogne/énées_catalogne/énées_catalogne_all/í_taüll_pyrénées_catalogne_all/úria_pyrénées_catalogne/é_pyrénées_catalogne_all/énéesénées-irina-rybalchenko/?published=ténées-irina-rybalchenko/?published=t!topic/all-andorra/fmvv4-asayIсамые_дорогие_продукты_в_мире_all_andorra/сhapel_of_sant_vicenç/ç-01-22énées_catalogne_all/énées_france_all/énées_france_all/énées_france_all/énées_france_all/ère_pyrénées_2000/énées_france_all/!topic/all-andorra/TsgdVLljouYénées-01-21íВикипедия:К_оценке_источников/Архив/2015/4Эстади_Насьональíí


If we proceed from a formal definition, then psychology studies the psyche, the features of its processes in an individual context, but given the cultural-historical one. In order to fully understand the subject of psychology, there is not enough such a dry explanation, but it is also necessary to observe internal processes (feelings, emotions, affects) that can only be subjectively described, which means that the objectivity of building the subject will always be called into question. The subject studies cognitive data, characteristics and individual emotional and characterological manifestations in activities, the environment, in the correlation of gender, gender and many other external factors.

The object of psychology

The object of psychology is a whole set of concepts that characterize mental processes and phenomena. Typically, this includes behavior as a reflection of active activity, activity, as a branch of the application of one’s activity, the relationship of various social levels (from the intimate interaction of two personalities to the characteristics of communication of entire nations).