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A. Requirements

Action Plan
  • Each team member must know or learn who represents him/her in the State Legislature.
  •  Team members must discuss which of the Legislators (for whom they are constituents) they’d like to interview.  This Legislator is your team’s client.
  • Team members must brainstorm at least 20 open-ended interview questions, and all team members and the General Manager must agree to the final list of questions.
  • Team members must set up an interview with the client.
  • During the interview, one team member will ask the questions, one team member will write down the client’s answers and two team members will film the interview.  Decide who does what and have all necessary supplies before the interview.
  • Beforehand, be sure the client knows he/she will be filmed, but be clear that he/she will have a say in the final product and whether or not it can be made public.
  • Edit the interview into a 10-minute YouTube video.  Remember that your objective is to introduce this client to the public.  DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEO UNTIL IT IS APPROVED BY THE CLIENT.
  •  From the 10-minute YouTube video, decide which parts are most important and/or interesting and create a 30-second video, which can be posted on social media sites. DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEO UNTIL IT IS APPROVED BY THE CLIENT.