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While listening to the video... what occurs to you about the applications for the classroom or working with teachers?

Seen but not heard: the introverts in our classrooms

Over the coming month I will keep a log of the types of activities I do in my classes and monitor my learners not just for their linguistic performance, but also for their reactions. I also plan to administer the simplified personality test available on Susan Cain's website in order to gauge the introvert/extrovert balance in my classrooms (you can find this here Are you an introvert?)

Introversion and the Invisible Adolescent

I tend to shy away from books that focus on helping a child to "overcome" being an introvert. Although I think it's important to help introverted children learn to effectively navigate our extrovert-dominated world, I don't see introversion as a characteristic that needs to be "overcome," and neither do psychologists. They see it as an enduring trait, not a "state." I think teachers and parents need to place a higher value on introversion.

Embracing Introversion: Ways to Stimulate Reserved Students in the Classroom

As an introvert, I couldn’t agree with him more. I don’t see introversion as anything different than being left- or right-handed, boy or girl, naturally athletic or not. It’s a part of who we are, and just like those other qualities, introversion is not something to be “overcome.” In fact, I would argue that as educators it is our job to harness the sometimes hidden gems hiding within our introverted students.