Basic Thoughts

I read this.  Which led me to this. That then caused me to google “Architecture of Participation” to find Tim O’Reilly’s post titled as such.  Which then caused me to think about schools, classrooms, learning… the things I always get caught up with in my brain.  I take off on this concept in a way I’m quite sure was not intended by the initial user, but here goes.

So.  Architecture of Participation.  When I aim to describe my teaching style and classroom space, I use some squishy language that never seems to properly communicate what is going on.  I think that creating a space where participation is paramount is a critical piece of the puzzle that I am trying to put together.

On a broader scale, I am hoping that this networked and participatory learning carries on well past the classroom and embeds itself as a part of the student as citizen.  Modeling a variety of entry points to take part in the conversation, participate in the community and build networks of understanding are goals I have for my classroom environment.  The tools that serve this are as old as a meeting notice and as new as twitter.  Blending the old with the new to serve an evolving role of participatory citizenry… that is part of my classroom’s ‘Architecture of Participation’.