We Teach Tech. We Teach Music. We Love Kids.

Classes are FREE to youngsters. Sliding scale for Adults. 
Instruction is available 10am - noon Saturdays and by appointment. 
We use Safe Sanctuary rules developed by the United Methodist Church to provide safe instruction for youngsters.

DIY: Learn to Produce Music! 

Creating & Recording Music. 

We offer Individual & Group Instruction in DIY: Audio Production for all proficiency levels, including
  • the 'absolute beginner'
  • those with some musical skill already
  • adults who want to learn to record properly using their computer audio programs. 
Using electronic controllers and iOS apps developed for use by DJ's and non-musicians, it is possible for beginners to immediately start creating and recording their own music. If you can count to four, and have enough rhythm to tap your foot in time, you can achieve musically pleasing results at your very first lesson.

Lessons: Learn an Instrument!

We Teach Music. We offer lessons in traditional instruments like piano, guitar, bass, drums, organ, percussion and lap steelStudents try all of our instruments before choosing one to focus on.

We Teach Tech. All lessons are supplemented by instruction on electronic instruments, and part of each lesson involves iPads running music apps. 

We Provide the Tools. Whenever possible we will provide students with a practice instrument they can take home, and iPads are provided for student's use while at the Center. Students who are demonstrating responsibility through their commitment to lessons will be given one of our donated instrument to keep.

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