MCN2 Session Schedule

This was the final session list that made up MediaCampNottingham 2 on March 27 2010

 Time  Room  Speaker / Host
 10.00  Rm 1
Glenn Le Santo
 The evolution of our craft. A look at working in the media - 10 years back and ten years forward.
   Rm 2
Mike Beardmore
Connecting my 1st & 2nd Lives
   Rm 3
   Rm 4
 Blogger's Creche
 The room of power! Plug in your tech.
 11.00  Rm 1
Phil Campbell
Using Posterous to reach multiple distribution targets
   Rm 2
Susi O'neill
Connecting Nottingham's creative communities online - - how the blog started, what we're doing now, and help us to plan how we can use the website to better connect Nottingham's creative activities online.
   Rm 3
 Zoe Godfrey & TreforWalters
Communicology: Understanding meaninglessness in a very meaningful world.
   Rm 4  Blogger's Creche  The room of power! Plug in your tech.
 12.00  Rm 1
Iain Simons
A very public beta. Five years in and the festival I work on is just approaching the point where
it understands enough to declare itself in beta. This discussion is about how we might stop
tinkering with the foundations, open networks and create a festival a.p.i.
   Rm 2

   Rm 3
Shaun Belcher
 'Ninged to Death'
Work, Rest and Play in building academic communities....
   Rm 4
 Blogger's Creche  The room of power! Plug in your tech.

In the Main Hall
1.00 - 2.00

 2.00  Rm 1
 Jennifer Jones
Discussion on citizen media and London 2012 Olympics.
   Rm 2
 Francine Pickering
Social Media and Marketing - Oh, no, not again! Don't switch off before you've read this overview
   Rm 3
Helen Whitehead
 Hypertext haiku fun to delight your inner child - For all ages - 5 to 105 (children & adults both welcome) A look at Kids on the Net and the creative writing that young people have produced for the Web over the past 12 years.
   Rm 4
 Blogger's Creche  The room of power! Plug in your tech.
 3.00  Rm 1
Alec McPhedran

Thinking of Pitching: Techniques for Promoting Your Idea

Using the example of pitching a cross platform television idea to a Commissioning Editor, the session covers the basic essentials of preparing and running a pitch session.

   Rm 2
 Glenn Le Santo
The website is dead!
   Rm 3
Farhana Shaikh
Mel Gordon
Tony Walker
Open forum, to ask questions about #ampleic and our personal journeys/projects
   Rm 4
Blogger's Creche  The room of power! Plug in your tech.
 4.00  Rm 1
 Caron Lyon
Discussion: Your Doh Ray Me of  Social Media - Lessons Learned, Journeys taken, Future travel plans.
   Rm 2
 David Hayward
 Games Are Evil. I Love Them.
   Rm 3
 Alexia Leachman
Personal Branding. What you need to think about before you throw yourself out into the digital space.
   Rm 4
Blogger's Creche   The room of power! Plug in your tech.

Arts - meet - Tech
In the Main Hall
5.00 - 6.00

Ben Walker - @ihatemornings is a legend in his own life time. Composer and performer of the phenomenal viral classic "You're no one if your not on Twitter".

From which the notion of social media being the art of self promotion without being caught came from and made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it.

On hearing this song I knew social media was here to stay. It had entered the Psyche, It had begun generating its own mythos and fable.

Theatre to entertain and inform.

Ben Walker is a digital wondering minstral telling the stories. His songs touch on the human spark of life today to produce the folk legends of tomorrow.
Download his music from